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Liga Premaat J10: St Andreu—Terrassa, duelo TOP

El CN Sant Andreu—CN Terrassa (19:15) es uno de los partidos destacados de la jornada 10 de la Liga Premaat. Los de Dani Ballart quieren dar un golpe encima de la mesa ante el segundo. Otro buen choque es el Real Canoe NC—CN Barcelona (13:15). Además, CN Atlètic Barceloneta—CN Catalunya (12:45), Automotor Canarias Echeyde—Quadis CN Mataró (12:00), Astralpool CN Molins SINTAGMIA (12:45) y CW Navarra—CE Mediterrani (19:30).
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Romanchuk Makes Big Splash For 1st Win Over Paltrinieri: 14:14, 3rd All-Time 60 Laps

Swimvortex - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 20:28
Let's be clear - Gregorio Paltrinieri is not at his best; he's just spent some months in Australia, training with Mack Horton, dabbling in Open Water and having a break from the rhythm and routine that can leave an Olympic champion stale on the way to defence next time round.  No mistaking, though ... Mykhailo Romanchuk is now not just a force to reckon with; he's a bloke who just beat the 30/60-lap ace of the age - and he did it in 14:14.59,  third swiftest ever behind the Italian's stunning 14:08.06 world record from this event in 2015 and the standard that had stood for 14 years before that to Aussie legend of the biggest pool race, Grant Hackett (14:10.10)
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Liga Iberdrola: St Feliu—Rubí, duelo de urgencia

CN Sant Feliu y CN Rubí, último y penúltimo de la Liga Iberdrola, se enfrentan este sábado en Sant Feliu de Llobregat (17:00) en uno de los partidos destacados de la jornada 7. Partido interesante también entre CE Mediterrani y CN Terrassa (13:00). Además, La Sirena CN Mataró—CW Dos Hermanas, CN Sant Andreu—EW Zaragoza (17:30) y CN Madrid Moscardó—Astralpool CN Sabadell (18:30).
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Kliment Kolesnikov’s Eye Not On 3 WJRs But The 0.07 That Tested His Bond With Boyhood

Swimvortex - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 19:16
The grimace on Kliment Kolesnikov's face told the tale of a boy turned man with his eye not on the three world junior records to his credit in as many days but the World Record proper he had just missed by the 0.07 shave of a bullet bristling through a season that has tested the 17-year-old bond with boyhood. All about bars and which one you reach for. A member of the Energy Standard team, the young Russian  clocked 48.99 for the 100m backstroke crown. Searing speed for anyone; boggling when a boy's the big cheese. He was just arriving in the world when Lenny Krayzelburg was preparing to win double backstroke gold for his adopted USA at Sydney 2000 and teammate Aaron Peirsol was the backstroke boy to watch with silver over 200m at just 17. Read on, including a chat with a teen on the move...
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Sarah Thomas going for the century mark on Lake Champlain

marathonswimmers.org - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 18:41

Some thoughtful coverage of this swim in the Financial Times today:


Well-deserved press in a big publication for @ssthomas - and always nice to see MSF in print too :)

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Euro17: Jess, nuevo RE; África, octava de Europa

Es posible batir dos veces el mismo Récord de España el mismo día. Parece algo extraño, bizarro, pero Jessica Vall lo ha logrado. Día que quedará para el recuerdo después de que por la mañana lo batiera y lo volviera a hacer de nuevo en la sesiñon vespertina. A todo esto, se mete en la final del 100 braza. Por su lado, África Zamorano ha acabado octava de Europa en la final del 200 espalda.
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Euro17: Jess, nuevo RE; África, octava de Europa

Es posible batir dos veces el mismo Récord de España el mismo día. Parece algo extraño, bizarro, pero Jessica Vall lo ha logrado. Día que quedará para el recuerdo después de que por la mañana lo batiera y lo volviera a hacer de nuevo en la sesiñon vespertina. A todo esto, se mete en la final del 100 braza. Por su lado, África Zamorano ha acabado octava de Europa en la final del 200 espalda.
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Philip Heintz & Franzi Hentke Makes It Two Golds In Seven Minutes For Germany

Swimvortex - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 18:16
European Short-Course Championships - Copenhagen, Royal Arena - Day 3 Semis and Finals. Germany celebrated two gold medals in the space of seven minutes when Philip Heintz's 1:52.41 victory in the 200m medley was followed by Franziska Hentke's 2:03.92 triumph over 200m butterfly here at the Royal Arena.
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The Long Arm Of Kromowidjojo Gets There Again: 50.95CR, Sjostrom 0.08 Adrift

Swimvortex - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 17:44
European Short-Course Championships - Copenhagen, Royal Arena - Day 3 Semis and Final - Ranomi Kromowidjojo, with a string of wins on world-cup tour in the bag, some ahead of Sarah Sjostrom - even over 50m 'fly - showed once more why she wears the short-course crown of a double Olympic sprint champion: in a championship record of 50.95 she pipped her Swedish rival by 0.08sec for her third gold medal of the meet.
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Guy Goes 1:56.66 For 200 Fly Commonwealth Slot As Shocked Young Gun Peters Joins Him

Swimvortex - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 16:57
James Guy added the 200m butterfly to his programme at the Commonwealth Games in April with victory at the Winter National Championships in Sheffield but looming ever closer on his shoulder was the promise of youth in the form of 17-year-old Jacob Peters who was also inside the cut for the Gold Coast. Guy is […]
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EK kb blog dag 3: Weer topprestatie van Kamminga, finales voor Stolk, Toussaint en 4x50 vrij dames

Zwemkroniek Nieuws - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 15:47
Ook op de derde EK-dag viel er in de series genoeg te beleven.
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marathonswimmers.org - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 15:44
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Netherlands Open Water Web - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 15:42
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Bestel nu nog je prestatie- of herinneringsmedaille

Netherlands Open Water Web - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 15:39

Heb je in het afgelopen seizoen meegedaan aan LAC, Open Water of heb je een prestatie neergezet die een prestatiemedaille waard is? Jouw vereniging kan dan nog tot en met eind dit jaar de bijbehorende medailles bestellen.

Kijk op de KNZB site bij Prestatiemedailles Zwemmen, Herinneringsmedaille LAC of Prestatiemedailles Open Water Zwemmen voor meer informatie.

KNZB/TOWZKNZB (klassementswedstrijd)
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Actualización Octatlón Máster (15 dic.)

Como cada viernes, te traemos la actualización del IV Circuito Nacional Octatlón Masters RFEN 2017—18. En esta ocasión ponemos de relieve las clasificaciones Top 5 Masters +40 con Margarita Gómez (CN Metropole) con 942 puntos provisionales y Jorge Rodríguez (CN San Juan) con 1607. Hasta la fecha se han disputado 17 competiciones.
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Zwemvereniging IJZ&PC steunt Serious Request met nachtelijke marathon

Netherlands Open Water Web - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 15:20

Op 23 december gaat de zwemvereniging uit IJsselstein IJZ&PC zich inzetten voor Serious Request. Een jaarlijks terugkerend landelijk evenement wat dit jaar in het teken staat van het vermiste kind.

Met de opbrengst van 3FM Serious Request sporen Rode Kruis-hulpverleners vermiste kinderen op, herstellen ze het contact met hun familie en brengen ze hen weer thuis. In conflictgebieden, zoals in Nigeria en de Democratische Republiek Congo, maar ook na natuurrampen, zoals in Nepal, leven miljoenen kinderen noodgedwongen gescheiden van hun ouders, broers of zussen.

lees de rest van het artiekel en bekijk de foto @ ZenderStreeknieuws

zwembad 5 km of langer
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Ya a la venta las entradas para el Europeo BCN

Cada vez está más cerca una de las citas que tenemos marcadas en rojo en nuestro calendario acuático. Apenas ocho meses para que comience el gran Europeo de Barcelona 2018 y, poco a poco, también se van dando pasos. A partir de YA, están disponibles las entradas para poder presenciar en directo el acontecimiento desde las espectaculares Piscinas Picornell.
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El Equipo Nacional, de stage en Gran Canaria

La Selección Nacional de natación artística se encuentra en Las Palmas realizando una concentración. Desde el día 14 y hasta el 23 de diciembre, el equipo entrenará en la Isla gracias a la colaboración del CN Metropole y de la Federación Canaria de Natación. Además, la expedición aprovechará para hacer varias actividades del programa ´Quieres bailar en el agua´, donde se busca acercar este deporte a la gente acercar el trabajo de la élite a todo el mundo.
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Dry land training

marathonswimmers.org - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 14:00

I'm bumping this discussion up as I've recently been on a "Prehab" training workshop which aims to mobilise a simple dry land training regimen to increase thoracic flexibility and shoulder stability. The aim is to correct the imbalances caused by training / everyday life, which should forestall injury, which in turn should facilitate consistent training. A month in, and I'm a complete convert. I spend about 30 mins a day on the exercises (which I know is not time that everyone has), and the difference has been remarkable. I've written about it on my blog (http://thelongswim.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/prehab.html) and am happy to share more about this if anyone's interested. I'd also be keen to know what other people have found useful in dry land training - and particularly those swimmers on the site who have done multiple very long swims without falling foul of injury.

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thelongswim.Karen Throsby - Fri, 15/12/2017 - 13:51

I've been thinking a lot recently about my swimming, and in particular, about my various injuries and niggles, and the general sense that I'm not swimming as consistently or recovering as well as I used to. Part of this is the obvious fact that injury necessitates down time which impacts upon swimming fitness, but also I'm 50 next January (how did that happen?), and no matter how much I refuse to be bound by constraining ideas about middle age, the ageing process, plus the menopause, has undoubtedly affected my flexibility and recovery. I've been involved in marathon swimming for almost 10 years, but I feel like the bodily stresses of long swimming have started to take their toll, and if I want to keep on swimming, something has to change.

So....a month ago, I joined a "Prehab" workshop run by Active Blu's Emma Brunning, who I've seen on and off over the years for help with my swimming stroke, and Adam Smith, a sports therapist and strength and conditioning coach. I've been thinking for a while that I could benefit from something like this, but wasn't sure where to go for advice, and to be honest, was a little embarrassed about pitching up to a professional coach - I never feel enough like the sort of 'athlete' I imagined they worked with. So the timing was perfect.

The premise of the workshop was that everyday life and regular training create bodily imbalances that eventually lead to injuries which in turn impact upon training consistency which affects overall performance. The coaches suggested that many amateur athletes who train regularly are on constantly on a knife-edge of breakdown and injury; this is certainly how I've been feeling, to the point where I wasn't sure whether I should even try to train up for another big swim and should perhaps stick to shorter events. The workshop explained the anatomy of these imbalances and provided us with a sequence of exercises to enhance thoracic and shoulder flexibility and stability that we were advised to do at least three times a week. The core principles are to keep the routine relatively simple and be consistent about doing it.

During the workshop, we performed shoulder distraction exercises using the resistance band hooked up to a large A-frame, but at home, I struggled to find a safe anchor point, so invested in a heavy duty door anchor which does the job perfectly - it sits behind the door on the hinge-side, is solid as a rock and doesn't damage the frame. The routine also includes work with a foam roller, floor work to improve shoulder and thoracic flexibility and techniques using a lacrosse ball to dig out knots and release taut muscles. Trust me - you'll never look at a lacrosse ball in quite the same way again, and if you ever see me hugging a wall with an expression of pained resignation on my face, you'll know what's going on.

Apparently, one of the biggest frustrations experienced by sport therapists / physios etc is that people don't do the exercises that they're given. I can see why this happens - people are busy and this is just one more thing to do, and the exercises themselves don't always feel immediately beneficial, lacking the direct logic for example, of going for a long swim as training for a long swim. But I have a lot of respect for expertise, and don't really understand paying someone good money for sharing their expertise and then not doing what they say. So...I've spent 30 minutes a day on the exercise routine (almost) every day since the workshop, and am a total convert. (I'm lucky in that I'm currently on research leave, so the time for this is less of an issue than it will be when I return to teaching next year. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it). The positive benefits have been swift and noticeable, especially in terms of flexibility and balance. This has played out in the pool, where the combination of the rehab regimen and the stroke correction work I've been doing for the last couple of months has resulted not only in a much more relaxed and balanced stroke, but also a tangible pace increase. I care more about the prevention of injury than about improving my pace, but it's a happy side effect. 
None of this is any kind of guarantee that last year's cascade of injuries won't happen again, but I feel like this is such a positive step, and I wish I had done it years ago. I'm sure many more experienced and accomplished swimmers are rolling their eyes at my late arrival at this understanding, but as with many late-onset marathon swimmers who didn't experience the more professionalised training of serious squad swimming when they were younger, there's a lot to learn about how to train. I've been through the same learning curve over the years with technique work and speed work, but it turns out that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and I'd encourage anyone in a similar position to find someone with the right expertise and commit to the process. 
I'm flying south to the sun soon for a bit of a holiday and the chance to take my improved stroke and newly stable and flexible shoulders swimming in the sea. And yes, I will be taking my foam roller, exercise band and even that lacrosse ball with me. 
On a separate note, in response to a recent outbreak of abuse across a range of platforms where I am active online, I have closed The Long Swim to comments. I've also tightened up security and privacy on my new research blog, Sugar Rush, and on all social media. There is a history to this abuse and it is not directly related to any specific recent forum or other online activity. If you would like to engage constructively with anything here on the blog, I'm happy to discuss on the Marathon Swimmers Forum, which has the advantage not only of being closely moderated, but also of involving many members with far more experience than me on all things swimming. I'm also on Twitter as @thelongswim, but will only engage in debate publicly (and constructively) and not via DM. Please note that any abuse on any platform will be blocked and reported immediately. 
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