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Low Carb/Keto adapted swimming

1 hour 44 min ago

Hi all,

Also because @IronMike asked me, I'd like to put on record a recent fat-adapted swim of mine.

I swam the Catalina (San Pedro) Channel in California on 27 June this year, 32.5 kms in appr. 20°C water in a relatively fast 9h26m. (With @dansimonelli on my crew!). Fat adapted, because while I must have burned at least 8-9000 calories during the swim, my caloric intake was no more than appr. 1500 calories worth of Ucan superstarch. Pre-swim meal was 3-400 grams of hummus with celery stalks, whereas in the preceding days I had purposely been eating low carb (eggs, veggies, yoghurt, hummus) to fire up my fat metabolism. I used water with sugar-free SiS electrolyte tablets for hydration. No bonking during the swim and able to push hard until the end, not even excessively hungry afterwards (but a massive craving for cold beer!), so fat adaptation worked fine for me in this swim. (If only fat adaptation worked for shoulder pain!)

I should mention that being fat adapted also helps me cut down considerably on time lost in feeding. During my Catalina swim I took a Ucan superstarch shake of 300 mls every 90 minutes, and a few quick swigs of water with electrolytes every 30 minutes. Quite an improvement compared to my feeding regime when I started channel swimming some 8 years ago, when I would take Maxim every 20 minutes and banana or stroopwafel every 60 minutes.

I am normally not in ketosis (very rare actually), but over the past year have made a point of doing most of my workouts, and especially the long ones, on an empty stomach and on water only. I mostly (though not religiously) avoid high glycemic index foods in general, This seems to do the trick.

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Swim Groupings (Triple Crown, O7, etc.)

Sat, 21/07/2018 - 19:39

18- 20 months ago, I realised I'd never manage amazing things like the Oceans Seven, so I decided to make my own bucket list..... the Swimbunny 7..... which has been a blast as a goal. Based on what I'd done already, I added a few and made it 2 x lakes, 2 x channels, 2 x island circumnavigations and one wild card.... which is booked and will be Jersey to France because I want to go back and swim with Matt and Lionheart again. I think that'll probably do me. More crewing, shorter events and kayaking will be enough........ possibly...... resolutely stops looking for irresistible swims ;) I'd be very interested to know.....if you had to choose just your own bespoke 7, what would they be?

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Training Advice for Newbies

Sat, 21/07/2018 - 14:57

MLamby said: Katie - I live in Wisconsin and have literally only a few months per year to train outdoors. In nine months I was able to prepare for the Swim Around Key West 12.5 mile solo with only three outdoor swims leading up to it. It IS a mental thing. When I first started training, a mentor told me that once you can put in three or four miles, you are physically ready to do ten to twelve, but that it is now mental. I found that to be SO true. Just get in a happy place and GO. I found that a waterproof iPod helps me do that.

@MLamby, I hope you're not swimming in OW with an iPod?! Besides the aesthetic wonderfulness of hearing your stroke, the birds, etc., it is so dangerous to swim with an iPod with respect to boat traffic.

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Best Goggles for Open Water Swimming and Triathlon

Sat, 21/07/2018 - 14:54

wendyv34 said: I think the most important factor for goggles in a marathon swim situation is fit. They should be comfortable enough to wear for the amount of time you will be swimming, without leaking or fogging.

And then when you find the pair that fits these criteria, buy dozens of them, because if you don't, Murphy will rear his ugly head and the company will stop producing them.

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Swim Ocean City 2018

Sat, 21/07/2018 - 13:33

Unfortunately the swim has been cancelled due to small craft advisory and expected thunderstorms throughout the day. I am going to head over to 59th st beach and try and get in a quick swim before the weather gets here if anyone wants to join me. On a positive note, the post-race party for this evening is still on.

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track.rs - new GPS tracking system for marathon swims

Sat, 21/07/2018 - 08:12

Currently live trackers can be viewed at https://track.rs/live

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Philly area Open Water Races

Fri, 20/07/2018 - 19:25

If you got rained out at Steelman last weekend, here's a perfect "make up" race for you. French Creek Racing's third annual River Day SwimFest is scheduled for Saturday 7/28. Rain date is Sunday 7/29. Registration will open at 7:30AM. The 5K starts at 8:30AM, 1 Mile starts at 11:30AM, and the 800 meter race starts at 12:30AM. 1 Mile and 5K courses - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28084004 800 meter course - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28084029 All details can be found on our registration page - https://www.imathlete.com/#/legacy?url=/events/EventOverview.aspx?fEID=66284&z=1532101272627 For only $40, you can RACE ALL 3!

If you're looking for something a little longer, check out the 8 Mile Bender Memorial Swim. Tackle the whole thing yourself, or team up with 1-3 others in the relay division. Course map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28094903 Full race details here: https://www.imathlete.com/#/legacy?url=/events/EventOverview.aspx?fEID=67252&z=1532107255453 Sign up before 8/1 for only $100. If you can't bring your own kayak and paddler, we'll supply both for an extra $70.

Both races take place adjacent to Valley Forge National Historical Park, less than 20 miles west of Philadelphia. Questions/Concerns? Email john@frenchcreekracing.com

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Great you are swimming - but how much are you giving BACK to the sport?

Fri, 20/07/2018 - 16:36

Reviving this valuable thread because I am finally, after participating in this wonderful sport for 8 years, giving back! I will be volunteering the Friday night before Boston Light this year. I was actually lucky to get kicked out of Russia early because it made this possible. (Otherwise I would have missed BLS by two weeks.)

I look forward to meeting all the BLS swimmers this year, as well as meeting some forumites I've been reading & admiring for years. Pictures and blog post (of course) to follow next month!

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24 Hour SF 2019

Thu, 19/07/2018 - 23:55

Just for kicks and giggles and the fact that about 4 people have asked me... First Weekend in Feb 2019 SF CA. I'm hoping to have it all at DC this year. While the kitchen isn't as easy to work with the registration process is easier w DC. Anywhoo- I will still limit it to 65 people.DON"T BUY ANY TICKETS YET !

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Lake Erie Open Water Swimming Association (LEOWSA)

Thu, 19/07/2018 - 20:47

Rob Cooney's Lake Erie swim (Long Point ON to North East, PA) is currently being tracked on https://track.rs/erie

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MOWSA sanctioned Boston Light Double - Kim Garbarino

Thu, 19/07/2018 - 05:04

Tomorrow, Thursday July 19th, starting around 7:30am Kim Garbarino will attempt a Boston Light Double (BLS2X). It is a total of 16 miles. This is a MOWSA sanctioned swim. He will start and finish at the public side of M St. beach in South Boston. You can track him live at the following link.

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What about swim secure floaties?

Thu, 19/07/2018 - 00:52

Has anyone had trouble with being, for a lack of a better way of describing it, too visible with their swim buoy? I have one in which I placed a flashing bike light to help with visibility at dusk. I've used this set up four times now, and three of those times my swims have been cut short either by law enforcement stating I cannot swim where I was located (my fault), or by the Coast Guard, Harbor Patrol, and Fire Department responding to a 911 call because someone thought I must be in distress. rolls eyes I'd really like to swim in peace. Anyone have thoughts on how to simultaneously swim with visibility and without being interrupted unnecessarily?

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To shave or not to shave. That is the question (and why).

Wed, 18/07/2018 - 04:13

Hi .. i have same issue.. i am doing my first 5k ow swim in two weeks..i dont expect to win or beat any recors but would like to know how much it can slow you down.. never shaved before and i hate it but if i can really gain a significant time (lets say in the order of minutes for 5km) i will go through the pain.. i have a bearb and hairy legs and chest.. quite a lot indeed.. someone did a race shaved and unshaved being able to throw some number?

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Two swimmer Relay of Lake George- precedent setting?

Wed, 18/07/2018 - 00:53

Louise Rourke and I are planning to swim a relay of Lake George in a few weeks. We have not been planning the traditional relay format, and I thought our departure (?) might be of interest.

Our objective is to split the lake by miles. Rather than an hourly increment, we will be starting with 6 miles each, then 5 miles each, until we get to Diane’s Rock. We plan to start together for a short bit, I’ll get on the boat, and Louise will do her first leg. (I could quip here that she will only be swimming with one of her legs anyway, as the other is just along for the ride. . . )

We are planning to finish together- If she starts, I finish, so even if she jumps in to swim the last bit with me, I’ll be the one scraping my legs on Dians’s Rock and clearing the water, and Louise can just make contact or do what works for her. If you haven’t been there Diane’s Rock is not easily accessible. (Could Diane NOT have used the adjacent marina????!!)

In the more usual 6-swimmer, hourly shift relay, each swimmer gets 5 hours on the boat to be warm and eat. Louise and I figure that our 5 mile legs will take between 3.25-3.75 hours (We can usually crank out 5 in three hours.) Louise has been training with one fin through the winter, and did recently get a wetsuit for chillier days, but if she decides to go fin-free on her turns, I would think we would be good to go. Frankly, she has made dramatic strides from being a routine miler to a multi miler, and I don’t see the fin as having a huge impact on her speed at this point. As far as I am concerned, if I can face down having to jump into the water several times in the course of the relay, she can suck up being slightly slower. (I hate getting wet. Ask anyone.) :D

No matter what, we are doing the relay, working with Rotary International to raise awareness and funds for Polio eradication. Is there precedent for a two person relay? Just curious— because even if there is, there are certainly precedents to swims that have changed or expanded over time. Look at the many options for swimming Catalina. Having this relay ratified would be really cool for Louise.

Thanks— That was keeping me awake. I’m camping, and hoping to get a bit of sleep now.

(follow-up: Did sleep. On way home to Ticonderoga, and looking forward to cheering on the next solo swimmer of Lake George tomorrow afternoon!!)

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New Forum Member? Introduce yourself here.

Tue, 17/07/2018 - 23:00

Hi All. Am in my first year of OWS. Learnt to swim last year. Pace currently 1.50/100 and improving fairly quickly. Joined to see what I could learn as currently training solo with no team to nick ideas off. Target for this year is 8km of Coniston Water in the UK's Lake District. Have a 5k race this Sunday, but already averaged 1.50 pace over 7200m about 2 weeks ago. Already entered a 9km event as a warm up for next year. Have a weird interest in swimming the length of Loch Ness in Scotland.

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What are your swimming goals for 2018?

Tue, 17/07/2018 - 00:59

Completed EC today - the value of the advice acquired from this form is hard to quantify

Big Love to all

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Tue, 17/07/2018 - 00:05

I just completed my first marathon swim race at the FKCC Swim Around Key West. I have been training for over two years, mostly in pools and three marathon distance lake training swims. I am hooked now. Training is difficult because I live in Wisconsin and work two jobs, but I do what I have to in order to get in the water. I finished Key West in 6:19:36. My question is....what now? What should be my next goal? I am 52. I love both warm and cold water swimming. My final prep swim for Key West was an eight mile jaunt across Lake Geneva Wisconsin with no wet suit or aid of any kind. Water temp was 60 degrees....three weeks later was 90 in Key West. I am just wanting to know, from all you awesome people who actually know what you are doing....what should my next race goal be? I train so much better with a target in front of me. :) Maybe some of you also have that same dilemma? What next? :)

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When the going gets rough, I'm not so tough.

Mon, 16/07/2018 - 20:50

I did a 5K race this weekend. (I know, sprint distance on this forum). I had trained up reasonably well and had set some pretty solid goals for the race. At the start I immediately recognized that someone had turned the wind in the wrong direction and it was pointed directly opposite of the swim direction. Needless to say, this was not exactly what I had hoped for. We all headed off and I started with my traditionally slow start. This was made even slower because the waves were just banging me around and I was swimming like crap. I couldn’t get a rhythm going and soon I realized that this wasn’t going to be my day.

The waves finally relented toward the end of the race and as things smoothed out I reeled in a whole pile of people who were in front of me. A lot of them were wetsuit clad and a lot of them were in my wave. So at least that was kind of fun. But a guy who I beat by a minute last year, beat me by a minute this year.

So a few key things that I’m pondering. Why am I so terrible once the waves kick up? The fact that I was able to reel in a bunch of people once the water smoothed out a bit has me thinking that I was a faster swimmer than they were, but they crushed me in the waves. Do they float better than me? I know I wasn’t swimming strong in the waves, I was just plowing ahead and trying to not drink half the lake. I also know that I wasn’t keeping as straight a course as I do in calmer water, which didn’t help.

What should I do regarding technique? I’ve really modified my stroke and corrected a few bad habits. I have been using high elbows, which has balanced out my stroke and oddly enough, made my kick a little more effective. I tried to maintain good form despite being bashed around. But maybe I need to do a modified technique for rougher water.

I’m pretty much a lake swimmer. When I think about you ocean swimmers, I have to tip my hat because I’m sure the waves I was in would be considered a calm day for you guys. So maybe ocean swimming technique is different than lake swimming. (I know that the few gulps of water I took on in the lake would have been a little more consequential in the ocean, that’s for sure.) I also wonder about the buoyancy question, as it seems one is a bit more buoyant in the ocean. Does this help when you are thrashing about in the waves? This is one reason I was curious about the wetsuit guys killing me in the waves, but they were easy to reel in once things calmed down a bit. I don’t think it was because I was more rested than they were. We all were swimming in the same mess.

My last thought is regarding pacing. I swam slower than normal through the waves. But I could have kept that pace up all day. It was work, but it wasn’t really a race pace. I just couldn’t get moving strongly. Once I got into calmer water, I switched gears and started racing. I definitely couldn’t keep up that race pace all day. I can’t decide if I just was a baby in the waves and mentally gave up or if I was doing the best I could, but I suck…

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If dilution is the solution, then why?

Sun, 15/07/2018 - 23:09

About 6.5 hours into a warm swim (WT=75F=23.9C) I started throwing up my feeds. This has never happened before. The first time it happened, I thought it was a fluke. The next feeding was even worse: I could only manage two sips and they too came right back up. I asked for my crew to dilute my feeds to 50% because I'd heard somewhere that diluted feeds work for warm water. Lo and behold, the first diluted feed went down and stayed down and I felt fantastic after that. I'm trying to understand the reason, though. My feeds are a custom mix (carbs, a little protein, electrolytes) and my crew was keeping them cold, which makes me very happy. Any ideas?

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California Triple Crown of Marathon Swimming

Sun, 15/07/2018 - 22:28

Congratulations @AnthonyMcCarley, the 9th person to complete the California Triple Crown.

  • Catalina Channel, 13:00 in July 2014
  • Santa Barbara Channel (Anacapa), 7:48 in October 2014
  • Lake Tahoe length, 14:00 in July 2018
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