Drinking when thirsty is preferred

......Drinking when thirsty is preferred

Prof Rogers, who wrote a paper on the case, says endurance athletes should be encouraged to adopt a "drink to thirst" strategy, drinking when they feel thirsty rather than to set a rule.

The woman reportedly drank up to 1000ml of sports drink before the race and was on a regime of 200ml of fluid every 20 minutes during the event, alternating between sports drink and water.

It took her 8 hours and 17 minutes to complete the race and she reportedly drank another 2000ml of a combination of sports drink, tea and water after reaching the island.

"The human body evolved a long time ago to be able to maintain its fluid balance in settings where people didn't necessary have access to a lot of fluids on a regular basis," Prof Rogers says.

"If your body says you're thirsty, have a drink, and if you're body doesn't say you're thirsty, you don't need one.......

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