LGBT -Tel Aviv Open Water Swim, Herzliya, Israel

Friday, 16 October, 2015 (All day)

Tel Aviv Open Water Swim will be part of the 5th annually Poseidon Swim held in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
Participants will embark designated yachts and sail to the starting point, in the middle sea, and will jump from the yachts to the marked course and end the swim the the Marie.
Participants will have the choice of two distances: 1.9 Km or 3.8 Km
Each distance has the same age groups within men’s and women’s divisions as the Indoor Swimming events. The three best times in each gender division’s age group will receive a medal. A participant’s age group is determined by that person’s age as of 31 December 2015.

The age groups are as follows:
18-24   25-29   30-34   35-39   40-44   45-49
50-54   55-59   60-64   65-69   70-74   75-79
80-84   85-89   90-94   95-99   100+