report: 8th MARNATON eDreams Cadaqués

The MARNATON eDreams Cup came to a close in Cadaqués bringing together over 1,100 swimmers in a day which was full of excitement
• The eighth MARNATON eDreams Cadaqués featured a 6.5km swim, a 2km swim and the MARNATON KIDS.
• One group of swimmers completed the 6.5km swim towing Jano Galán, who is suffering from ALS, achieving a historic feat in the world of open water swimming.
• One participant proposed to his girlfriend before starting their swim together.

Barcelona, 19th of September 2015.- The VIII MARNATON eDreams Cadaqués took place on Saturday 19th  of September, a challenge which gains more supporters every year. This year all the places were filled two months before the event. With almost 1,300 swimmers entered for the event, its position as a landmark in the world of open-water swimming is firmly established.
The first challenge of the day was the legendary 6.5km crossing from Cap de Creus to Cadaqués Beach. This year, in order to protect the Cap de Creus National Park, all the swimmers travelled to Cala Jugadora by sea. Several boats set sail from Cadaquésheading for Cap de Creus with all the participants on board. Once there, the swimmers threw themselves into the sea and the starting gun was fired amidst the applause of the participants and the spectators who had climbed up onto the rocks to gain a privileged view. The advanced and expert swimmers left first followed five minutes later by the ordinary swimmers.
The presence of a force 4 Tramontane wind made the swim much harder and hampered the great work of the almost 80 kayaks which were accompanying the participants and ensuring their safety at all times.
After a good start one leader stood out, the German open-water swimmer Alexandre Studzinski, who today set the record for this swim, with the spectacular time of 1:10:04. 5 minutes later Damián Blaum and Jordi Bosch crossed the line together (1:15:05). The winner of the women's race was Esther Núñez (1:19:14). Carmen Crespo took second place (1:27:32) and Elisenda Llorens was in third place (1:28:02). Swimmers from many different countries entered the challenge. One group
from Brazil particularly stands out, headed by Samir Barel, who participated in the GP Fina long distance World Cup, alongside Esther Núñez and Damián Blaum.
The best anecdote from the day took place in the magical surroundings of Cap de Creus, when one participant asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage before they started the swim together.
The 2km swim from Caials started at 12:30; this challenge was designed for more amateur swimmers and in its second year has grown hugely, now including almost 400 swimmers. The first to complete the swim was last year's winner, Joel Blanca
(00:27:24), followed by Hugo Curty (00:27:57) with Javier Sánchez in third position (00:28:25). The first female swimmer to cross the finish line was Sarah Blanch (00:29:34) with Andrea López in second position (00:30:20) and Naira González (00:30:28) took the third place on the women's podium.

At the same time, a new MARNATON Kids was starting with over 100 girls and boys taking part. This challenge, which was full of excitement and laughter, was a showcase for the future of open-water swimming.
The day will end with the presentation of the prizes for the IV MARNATON eDreamsCup and as every year there will be a party for everyone in Cadaqués town square.

6.5km Swim Results (Cap de Creus > Cadaqués),5km.pdf
2km Swim Results (Caials > Cadaqués))

Jano Galán Challenge
Two hours after the start of the 6.5km swim, Jano Galán's impressive challenge began.
A team of 5 swimmers completed the swim from Cala Jugadora to Cadaqués, towing Jano Galán, who suffers from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Jano completed the swim lying on his back, attached with harnesses and wearing a wetsuit for protectionand a face mask which covered his face completely to avoid sea water entering his respiratory tract. The impressive challenge took about 2 hours and was an importantlandmark in the history of open-water swimming. His aim was to raise €10,000 to buy retinal recognition software, computer and accessories in order to be able to speak and communicate through the computer. Jano, and the team of swimmers led by Daniel Rossines, Jaime Caballero, Marcos Rossines, Josep Maria Alonso and Carlos Garcíaarrived at Cadaqués  beach amidst high levels of expectation where they were welcomed with noisy applause.

The MARNATON 2015 challenges
Having started the season in May with the II MARNATON eDreams Barcelona, followed by the III MARNATON eDreams Begur and the fourth MARNATON eDreams Sant Feliuin June, the IV MARNATON  eDreams Cup finishes in Cadaqués. A season which brokethe record for the number of participants with over 3,700 people entering. Registration
for the V  MARNATON eDreams Cup 2016 is planned to open in February.

About Marnaton
Marnaton ( is a company which specialises in organisingopen water swimming events. Since 2008, its objective has been to promote long distance swimming, with a special focus on safety, the environment and creating a family atmosphere, as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle and respect for the environment. Swimmers from home and abroad have already swum with MARNATON in  some of the six editions of the legendary Cap de Creus - Cadaqués (6.5 Kilometres).