Open water cup 2016 - 2# Vienna Swim Trial, Austria

Saturday, 10 September, 2016 (All day)

The Steinspornbrücke/Neue Donau by the Austrian Rowing Center will be the hotspot of this year’s Austria’s Open Water Cup competitions. The 6km Cup Event, the Vienna Swim Trial, the 1.5km Olympic Distance as well as the 3km TRI-Competition are all highly promising and exciting races. The perfect team race will be the 3km Relay.

The highlight of this year’s Open Water Swim will be the 6 km Cup Event which we will swim as a TIME TRIAL: Every 30 seconds a swimmer will start the race whereby the fastest swimmers will start last. Thus, utmost suspense is guaranteed. The whole race can be watched from the riverbanks and can be followed by bike or inline skates.

All winners of the OPEN WATER CUP will get their awards at our great victory ceremony and party.