Openwater groups in Denmark

1.  Copenwater is Copenhagen’s Club for Open Water Swimming based at Amager Strandpark just outside of Copenhagen. It was founded in the Spring of 2015 and they hold multiple training sessions every week.  You can choose to swim in the more rough sea at the outside of the Strandpark or in the more calm water inside of the lagoon. If you would like to join Copenwater for some training practice contact: or contact Hans Henrik Heming:

2.   Cool Kona is an open water swim community based in Roskilde, which is a 25 minute drive from Copenhagen.

This group swims in the Roskilde Fjord, which has calm water and beautiful green surroundings with a spectacular view over the old Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Museum.  This is a particularly unique setting for open water swimming. 

For further information: 
or contact Eline Andersen:

3.   Swimbuddy in Esrum Lake. Find a swimbuddy for regular training or just a one-off swim in Lake Esrum.

This lake offers clean water and a great view of the Fredensburg Palace Garden (  Sightseeing and swimming in one grand package. What's not to like!

Lake Esrum ( is 8 km north of Hillerød on the island of Zealand.  To travel here you can take a bike on the S-train to Hillerød and then cycle to the Lake.  A great opportunity to see a little bit of North Zealand by bike.

A lot of the open water swimmers using Lake Esum live in Hillerød so they may even be able to join you for the short bike ride to the Lake.  For more details:
or contact: Carsten Jokumsen:

4.  Svømmemakker i Buresø (Swimbuddy in Buresø).  Swimbuddy in Buresø is for everybody who would like to swim in the beautiful 2 km long lake which is perfectly suited for open water swimming.  It is located between Slangerup and Slagslunde, beachnumber K950.

The GPS address to enter is Skovvej 1, 3550 Slangerup.  There is a large parking lot in the Southern end. For more details: 
or contact Thomas Larsen from Svømmeklubben Laksen (Swim Club Laksen)

5.   Svømmemakker i Charlottenlund (English translation: Swimbuddy in Charlottenlund)
This is an open water swim community based north of Copenhagen at the beautiful Charlottenlund beach in the Øresund ocean between Denmark and Sweden.

It is easy to reach Charlottenlund beach by either bus or train from the centre of Copenhagen.  You can also easily go by bike or car.  For more details: or contact Ellen Garne: 
The below map gives you an overview of the swimming communities:

Follow this link to find other open water swim communities:

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