King Of The Bay 2016, Greve, Denmark

Sunday, 28 August, 2016 - 13:00

King Of The Bay - main event:

Distance: 10 km

Date: 28/8-2016 kl 13.00

Meeting place/start-place: On the beach, Strandstien, 2670 Greve.

You swim as long as you can - the total distance is 10 km.

Sissy: If you stop before 4 km

Princes/princess: If you stop between 4 and 9,9 km

King Of The Bay/Queen Of The Bay: Swim all 10 km.

You swim on your own risk

The maximum walking-distance from the startingpoint is 4 km so you can walk back on the beach if you stop.

You swim along the coastline. You decide yourself how far from the coastline you swim. It is okay to rest/stop on the beach or on shallow waters - if you get any cramps or want to relax a bit. It is recommended to swim in a group in case of problems during the swim.

For safety-reasons you have to swim with a swimbag. As an experienced openwater-swimmer you probably have one already and know that you almost dont feel it when swimming.

Info and ordering here:

We appreciate if you could put an iPhone inside the swimbag so you can contact the organizers if you have problems. Remember to waterproof your iPhone.


Depots: at 4 and 8 km. (8 km is home at the startingpoint)


After the race there will be crowning of all Kings & Queens on the beach.



Extreme-King Of The Bay - pre event: There might be a +12/+22 km pre-event during summertime for a limited group of swimmers.

Mini-King Of The Bay. We expect to held multiple smaller swim-events during the summer. Dates to come later.




It's not possible to park on Strandstien

Please park on the beach-road Strandvejen or on the parking-place just south of restaurant Mediterraneo (Greve Strandvej 96, 2670 Greve). You can also park at the end of Greve Centervej where it meets Strandvejen. If you arrive by train, use Greve Station. From here theres only a few minutes of walking to the starting-point at Strandstien.


You can use snorkel at the 2016 edition of King Of The Bay