Open Water Guidance From Ned Denison

Ned Denison is a 59-year-old global-trotting open water swimmer, coach, mentor and administrator who was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in the Class of 2012. He shared a plethora of advice and guidance:

For many of you the open water season is over. 

One suggestion – make a record of your top longest and/or fastest 2018 swims and update it over time. 

As open water swimming gets more popular, it is common for organisers locally and in places like Spain where you might end up on holiday to ask your background and recent open water swimming experience. They do this for safety reasons and the quicker you reply in an organised fashion, the better your chances or getting in. For longer swims, organisers increasingly look for a medical certificate. I get my doctor to sign a 4-page English Channel certificate as part of an annual January exam.

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