Role Models In The Open Water

Protoganist Adrian Sarchet and creator James Harrison of Sea Donkey (World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year), Antonio Argüelles (World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year), Jaimie Monahan (World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year), and Tita Llorens Bagur (World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year) were celebrated at the 2018 Open Water Summit and WOWSA Awards at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, California.

"The open water swimming community is extremely fortunate to have so many heroes and heroines - of all ages and abilities - in the sport who give us inspiration and serve as role models who we can emulate," observes Steven Munatones. "What Adrian, James, Antonio, Jaimie and Tita have done over the course of their careers and continuously on a daily basis is remarkable. They seamlessly interweave their professional careers with a rigorous training program and incredible athletic achievements."

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