Logistical, Operational, Rewarming Issues Way Down Under

Near the bottom of the world in the Southern Ocean, Ram Barkai is leading a team of 14 ice swimmers in the International Ice Swimming Association-organzed Antarctica Ice Kilometer Swim.

Jean Craven, Leszek Naziemiec, Andrey Agarkov, Sergio Salomone, Paolo Chiarino, Clinton Le Sueur, Alexander Brylin, Samantha Whelpton, Diego López Dominguez, Victoria Mori, Yun Feng Wang, Wyatt Song, and Petar Stoychev are planning the logistics of the 1 km swim.

The ship is outfitted with a sauna and Jacuzzi for the swimmers' rewarming recovery under the watchful eye of specialist emergency physician Dr. Sean Gottschalk. Plan A was to swim parallel to the expedition ship, the RCGS Resolute. But the swimmers found that the ship has side propulsion motors to constantly correct it in order to avoid floating ice. It was clear that the swimmers could not be in the water close to the vessel. 

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