Petar Stoychev Wins Ice Kilometer At World Championship

I have covered Petar Stoychev for nearly 20 years and this was his most dominating performance in my opinion," observed Steven Munatones.

He has done many incredible swims in his life - from setting the English Channel world record to winning the Traversée Internationale du lac St-Jean 11 consecutive times. He is master of all from winning the 25 km FINA World Championships in 32°C+ water in Shanghai to absolutely dominating the Ice Kilometer over a world-class field of ice swimmers today."

Stoychev let the younger swimmers including 26-year-old Fergil Hesterman take out the pace very fast. After the 400m mark when he was 15 meters behind the leader, the four-time Bulgarian Olympian really started to pick up his pace and quickly passed his rivals.

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