The Open Water Swimming Year – Summer

I started this Open Water Swimming Year series in 2017, and did not think I would complete it all in a year. I anticipated July and August would to be the most difficult to write, because everyone understands summer, and I would struggle to say anything interesting. All writing holds this truth to be self-evident: There is more to discuss about short periods of conflict than long lives of peace.

While in the greater context of swimming I have always found the conflict (which is cold and winter), to be a continual source of inspiration, for this time and this purpose such did not prove to be the case. I did not realise the treasures I had gathered inside me, but as I write it down, it becomes clear to me: I have swam all these years, written all those others words, so I could talk about this and in the writing, as in the swimming, I do not want it to end.

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