35# Brnensky marathon 2009, Brno, Czech Republic

Saturday, 6 June, 2009 - 06:30

Brnensky  marathon - XXXV. year

Organizer: University of Brno
Date: Saturday 6th June 2009
Venue: Brno Dam - Boat shipyard TJ sports Rakovci
Deadline for applications: 30 May 2009
Address applications: unbr@quick.cz
Information: Alexander Mrůzek Mobile: 728 840 966
a breakdown of the results http://mujweb.cz/wwwunbr/BRMAR
Disciplines: younger pupils 1 500 m
older pupils 3 km
adolescents, adults and masters 3, 5 and 15 km
Main race: 15 km
Heading: 750 m race for 1.5 km and 3 km - floating around the right
Bank of obrátce the bridge of ships in port Goat bitterly.
5 000 m race at the 5, 10 and 15 km - floating in the same direction,
revolution is the next bridge in the gullies.
Entry fee: Adults CZK 100 pupils • CZK 50
The chronological order: 8.00-8,45 control reg cards and pick up the accompanying
9.45-9.15 description lines and control starting numbers
9.30 START at 15 km of all categories
START 10.00 to 1 500 m younger pupils
10.45 START 5 km of all categories
12.30 START 3 km older pupils, youth, men,
women masters
13.00-14.00 publication of results
Time limit: 15 km - with a competitor meantime worse than 3:30:00 at 10 km is
obliged to leave the track.
Control of documents: In the office yard Boat sports,  Section is responsible for
health and technical competence swimmers.
Length 1 = radius of 5 000 m race at the 5, 10 and 15 km - floating in the same direction,
turn before the bridge is in the gullies.
The plant at 1500 ma 3000 m sail heading to 750 m range will be specified before
Final provisions: The organizer has the right to change the timetable if the
require the current situation, shall inform all registered
Transport: The area of the yard connection tram 1, 3 and 11 Bystrc direction,
stop "dock", then walk about 15 minutes around the lake
left towards Rakovci.

In 2009, the dam is likely to release
and moving the race to spare stadium
(dam Letovice )
watch www.dalkove.plavani.info