Shark in swimming pool

source: divemagazine
original: divemagazine
date: 11 / 07 / 08

A shark was found in a swimming pool at Sydney's Cronulla beach after being swept in by a freak wave.

The one-metre shark was found on Friday morning swimming happily up and down at one end of the pool. Cronulla Surf Lifesaving club spokeswoman Robyn Cole said fisheries officers netted the shark and released it back into the sea unharmed shortly after members of the public reported its presence.

"It's funny, though, because we have swimmers who come here at 6am every morning to do laps. It's still dark then and they mustn't have even noticed it was there" said Cole.

A large overnight tide is being blamed for the incident and although and lifesavers say that seals can sometimes be seen basking in the area this is the first shark caught in the pool in living memory.

The incident has amused the locals, and some believe that the shark was drawn to Cronulla, given that it's the mascot of the local National Rugby League side, The Sharks.