Swedish swimmer Therese Alshammar disqualified over suit law

posted Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:43pm AEDT on http://www.abc.net.au
Swedish swimmer Therese Alshammar has been disqualified for swimming in two suits at the Australian Swimming Championships.
She has also been stripped of the world record she set in this morning's heats of the 50 metres butterfly.
Australian coach Alan Thompson says Alshammar can only wear one suit in competition under a new Swimming Australia by-law.
Swimming Australia says Alshammar has appealed against the decision.

The modification - effective from April 1 2009 is:""

    * Swimwear worn by competitors in Australian Age Group Events shall conform to"the following design:"
    * Men's swimwear shall be limited to one swimsuit that covers, at most, the"body surface from hips to knee.  Swimwear must not extend above the waist or"below the knees
    * Women's swimwear shall be limited to one swimsuit that is of "open back""and "open shoulder" designs that may extend down to the knee. 
    * Swimwear must"not extend below the knees. ""
    * General: Swimwear must not have a zipper or any type of fastening system.""
    * All swimwear worn by competitors in Age Group Events (18 and under)"conducted in Australia by SAL shall be commercially available products. ""
    * The amended by-laws will come into affect in time for the 2009 Australian"Age Championships at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre from April 13"to 18.""