Igor Kravchenko and Olga Pasholok crossed 12 kilometers into the storm

translated source: swimmasters.ru with pictures

Igor Kravchenko and Olga Pasholok crossed 12 kilometers into the storm.
Dneprodzerzhinsk swimmer Igor Kravchenko and athlete with a disability Olga Pasholok from Krivoy Rog 8 Agusta successfully completed the 12 km swim in the Crimea, Yalta, Swallow's Nest, Yalta in the storm, with the results 6 hours 55 minutes (including 15 minute break at the beach)

Olga Pasholok, became the first disabled athlete with no legs, swim the Bosphorus - the strait that separates Europe and Asia.

Olga is now preparing to carry out his cherished dream - to swim across the Strait of English Channel (25 kilometers) that separates France from Britain.

The current 12-kilometer marathon water Yalta Swallow's Nest, Yalta - part of this training

Six kilometers from Yalta to Lastochkina nests we partner, an experienced marathoner water from Dneprodzerzhinsk Igor Kravchenko, overpowered the two and a quarter hours in normal weather - Olga Pasholok .- On the way back sharply increased wind, the sky became overcast with clouds and it started so strong storm, that I could hardly rowed. And Igor drifted off somewhere to the side, I lost sight of him.

We Igor "found" each other and again swam together. You know, when a number of team-mate, to overcome the distance somehow easier. You should have seen the amazed eyes a rest, when the sea went out shtormyaschego Igor, carrying in my hands! "

"To relax on the beach Lastochkina nests we have only 15 minutes, - says Igor Kravchenko - people from the protection of the beach ban moor Maritime bike with our escort, and food. I had to urgently get out, we were compelled to take a fresh start. On the way back to Yalta came the counter - over, the wind increased and raised the wave (3-4 points). At three o'clock in the voyage went white hats combs scoring respiratory salt water, foam ... it seemed it will never end ...

By the end of the 7th hour swim, we finished on the beach "Seaside" in the presence of the astonished boaters, cyclists and campers. "

Remind you that Igor Kravchenko became the second in July swim at 36 kilometers in Sudak (the first was King Vladimir of Kiev)