Lake Baikal

This year swim in Baikal had been delayed till next season by a number of reasons:
- We started too late, and had not managed to find a proper escort boat(s) (everything has been booked already, what's left is not good for us by safety reasons - strong wind and high waves are not rare there ).
- More than that, a girl from our team had received eventually a time slot for her English Channel attempt in the mid of this August - that meant that my coach and me had to go to the UK to support her, this is of high importance for promotion of our sport in Russia.
- Early July and late August are not good for Baikal - a season for swimming there is really short (if we can speak about the season there at all), just from 20 July till 15 Aug. Most of swimmers who are interested in Baikal were already busy at that time with other swims. I had received around 20 responses to my announcement from all over the world. Baikal is a great goal, we will work on it, next season for sure.