The Brutal Slaughter Of Sharks?

The original article was posted (with picture) on partnersite The Daily News of Open Water Swimming since Saturday, June 18, 2011

Over the last week, hundreds of conservationists around the world have written and posted or shared information online about how Penny Palfrey's escort team is a bunch of arrogant, shark-killing individuals who have no regard for the world's endangered species. In these circles, it has become common knowledge that at least three sharks were brutally slaughtered with a machete when the sharks swam close to Penny during her 68-mile swim in Fisherman's Channel between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman.

If three sharks were brutally slaughtered near Penny, they would have bled. And bleeding would have attracted more sharks. And Penny and her crew in kayaks would have been in even greater danger. But since Penny safely completed her swim and no sharks were seen bleeding in the water or hauled up on the escort boats, these discussions defy logic.