Open water duo left high and dry


AUSTRALIA'S Olympic open water swimmers have been forced to go hunting for lane space in Switzerland after being told there is no room for them to train with the rest of the swimming team ahead of the London Games.

Ky Hurst and Mel Gorman, the only swimmers so far selected for London, were told before Christmas they were no longer included in plans for the swimming team's two-week staging camp in Manchester, which is held just before the Games.

''[Swimming Australia head coach] Leigh Nugent told us there was not enough room for the long-distance swimmers to join them on the camp … so we have to find somewhere else,'' Hurst said.

The 30-year-old, a seven-time Australian Ironman champion who was 11th in the 10-kilometre swim in Beijing and fifth in last year's World Championships, said the decision was disappointing.

''The camaraderie between the swimmers is always healthy and it's always a positive vibe and it's something I enjoyed last time,'' he said. ''I'm not sure of the reasoning behind [Nugent's] decision but he's the head coach for a reason and he's made it clear that's what is happening.''

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Extra from the webmasters:

Ky and Mel you're both welcome to train here in the Netherlands. The climate is the same as in England and you'll have no problems with jetlag. There are even some interesting 5 and 10km meets to participate in, prior to the games, in where you can test your strengths. Alkmaar on July 29th and Hoorn (with a 10km LEN meet) on August 4 + 5 are willing to let you swim for free. In Alkmaar there's a 50 m pool if indoor training is wanted and the Geestmerambacht is 15 minutes from the city were you can train us much as you would like on a 1200 meter stretch.

Interested? Mail us through the contact form.

Update: We have had contact with Ky. No concrete plans yet.