Kalmarsund 6 km (2012), Sweden

Saturday, 8 September, 2012 - 09:00


Kalmarsund 6 km (2012)

Race date: 08/09/2012
Location: Sweden - Oland
Distance: Other
Training Type: Swimming

This is a challenge that puts you to the test. It is important that you can, want and dryers that.

2011 was the challenge on a smaller scale.

We are a few promoters who want to offer this to more non-profit organization.

6 km swimming along the Öland Bridge. From Kalmar (Cat rump) to Färjestaden (harbor).

3 weeks after Kalmar Ironman / Ironman.

Saturday, September 8th 9:00.

Registration fee is low, all inclusive.

Participants is limited.

Follow the boats, officers, food, photography, massage, medical care, return.

Participation is at your own risk.


We are glad that you are interested in this. We choose to go out with an interest first before we go out with a notification. Thanks in advance.

Send email to info.3xu @ gmail.com . Enter your name, address, postal address, e-mail, mobile, challenge.