S71 Open Water, Luhrsjön (Hästveda, Hässleholm), Sweden

Sunday, 1 July, 2012 - 12:00



S71 Open Water
750m and 1500m
In the scenic Luhrsjön (Hästveda, Hässleholm)
Sunday, July 1, 2012
The race is 1500m is part of Scania Classics
Swimming will be implemented in a "circular path" in Luhrsjöns located just
outside Hästveda in Hässleholm.
Wetsuit permitted irrespective of temperature.
Stretches and classes:
Entry fee:
Women & Men, Junior Girls & Boys Junior
Front mixed Class
Junior is one empty. years to complete 20 years.
Start times:
Starting at approx. 12:00
Starting at approx. 14:00
Electronic timing.
Registration and Payment:
Apply here . An invoice will be sent by post. Payment shall be
S71 no later than June 15.
If you wish more information, please send an email to kansliet@s71.se
S71 will have technicians spaced at regular intervals along the
showing the tracks, but
Participation at your own risk!
Privacy Act
Swimmers who sign up are aware of the PUL and therefore S 71 permission to publish the name, age, club, class, etc. The start-up,
heat, results and listings, as well as the websites operated by S 71 participating clubs, Skanska Swimming Federation, the Swedish
Swimming Federation and Simma.nu.