Video report of Hector Ramirez Ballestero butterfly crossing of Lagunas de Ruidera

Nadandolibre presents its first documentary about swimming in open water swimming the butterfly stroke.

Place of recording: Ruidera. 

With the swimmer: Hector Ramirez Ballesteros. 

This short documentary is about the first challenge in the history of Spanish open water swimming, swimming for the first time a distance greater than 9 km, the butterfly. The project is carried out by personal trainer Jose Diaz, and swimmer Hector Ramirez Ballesteros.

A pioneering and unprecedented challenge national, with whom Jose and Hector, manage to develop a way efficient enough to keep more than 9 km swimming in open water. A year's work thoroughly designed and executed by the coach with great determination and effort to the swimmer, give way to this spectacular adventure, dedicated to all lovers of swimming in open water. 

The next challenges and coach Hector Ramirez Jose Diaz, various tests are tests alone and public and government regulations, means the presence of the great deed that had evidenced in these tests national scene.

1º Ruidera 1, 9.300m (Completed) 

2º Iruelas Valley (10km training Nadandolibre; next week) 

3º International Nadandolibre · Traverse Bay Cullera Xuquer-2012 · June 24, 2012. (Crossing official referee) 

4 ° Testing concrete in different reservoirs. 

5 º International Descent of the Ria de Navia. (Crossing officer, pending confirmation of the arbitrator) 

6 ° Testing concrete in Murcia. (Mar Menor) + (The sleeve swim) More information on, or in our social networks Facebook, or Twitter Jose Diaz, HHector.