XXXII th KRNOVSKA Cup .Krnov, Czech Republik

Saturday, 4 September, 2010 - 22:00 to Sunday, 5 September, 2010 - 22:00


Organizer: TJ Krnov, Section Swimming

Date: Friday, the 5th November - Saturday, the 6th November 2010

Venue: Krnov, City spa, indoor 25 m pool
Loc.: 50 ° 5'11 .836''N 17 ° 41'37 .167''E

Closing date: until 1 November 2010 e-mail

Address for applications: ivan.smolka @, libor.smolka @

Information: Ivan Smolka tel: 554 748 280
fax 554 748 281
tel: 602 794 807

race coefficient is 1.4, more information is available on before the race



Disciplines: adolescents, adults, masters ................................... 5 km

Pool: 25 meter, 6 lanes (one lane for up to 4 swimmers)

Entry fee: 50 CZK per start

Control of documents: as pre-specified propositions 5th 11th from 14.00 am to 18.00 pm,
6th 11th from 8.00 to 8.45 hours in the pool KrnovÄ›

Timing Friday 15.30 am START 1st rozplavby the 5 km
17.15 am Start 2 rozplavby the 5 km
19.00 am START 3.rozplavby the 5 km
Saturday, 12.30 am START 4.rozplavby the 5 km
14.30 hrs publication results

rozplaveb number is given after receipt of applications and deploy to racers will rozplaveb timely notice to www.dálkové.plavání.info

Prices: Possibly the organizer receives the first three swimmers in categories according to the CP material prizes and diplomas

Accommodation: The organizer does not

Warning: organizer of the limited number of starters up to 72 swimmers in four rozplavbách. Deployment rozplaveb be made according to the current state of CP 2010th The organizer reserves the right to put two swimmers on Saturday rozplavby its own section, regardless of their location in the CP.

Final provisions: the organizer has the right to change the timetable, if the current situation so requires, it must inform all registered partitions. Logging section is liable for medical and technical competence of its swimmers.

After the race categories will notice adults, adolescents and clubs of the Czech Cup in marathon swimming in 2010