Russian Red Tape

Just like Philippe Croizon had problems to gain permission to swim from America to Russia(*) The first intercontinental swiming relay from Eurasia to America across the Bering strait «Meeting of the Sun» 2012 encountered Russian red tape. They didn't got their permission to swim the other way from Russia to America   Eurasia to America across the Bering strait

Come into its own next fall. For us, the walrus, it - this time of year, when summer comes smoothly into this harsh winter swimming season.
   I would like, as usual, to talk about the achievements, make plans for the future, and so on and so forth.
   But life is unpredictable, and they are not always - nice.
   This summer marked the breakdown of a long-planned international a relay swim across the Bering Strait from Chukotka to Alaska. For the failure should "thank" Russian officials found themselves once again unable to solve the problem a little more complicated than average. But the bill and demand money they do not have forgotten!
   Yeah, go century, but does not change the Russian bureaucracy! The images of the immortal works of Saltykov-Shchedrin, and nowadays it is not uncommon ...
source:  Russian Winter Swimming website



(*) Russians in Chukotka thwart limbless Frenchman's Bering Strait swim  and  Frenchman completes Bering Strait swim