Russian Red tape part 2

on source there is a longer explanation with pictures why The first intercontinental swiming relay from Eurasia to America across the Bering strait «Meeting of the Sun» 2012 didn't go through.

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Why are not we swim across the Bering Strait

For two years, preparations were first intercontinental a relay swim in the northernmost latitudes, at the junction of two oceans (the Arctic and Pacific) from Eurasia to America across the Bering Strait - "Towards the Sun."

As promised, waited for his friends, the walrus home from distant wanderings. Here are just a unique campaign in which they were going to participate, did not happen. Brave swimmers not sailed through the Bering Strait, the fans have not demonstrated their courage and endurance. And not by his note, wine!

Andrei Andrei Sychev Agarkov and returned disappointed ... and hopeful that the swim will take place after all. In addition, the baggage of our friends, co-producing the environmental pages of bright impressions of the trip (we call it the first attempt!), Many interesting acquaintances.

So - his word.

Length of the route was to be more than 100 km with an average water temperature of about 5 degrees. Command from seven countries: Argentina, Italy, Estonia, South Africa, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Russia.

All got to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on their own and different modes of transport. We'll travel Tyumen team.

So, after a warm parting words spoken in edition of "Tyumen news" (supplied us and souvenirs for foreign athletes), we train to Krasnoyarsk, a rhythmic sound of wheels, began to move to his dream - the Bering Strait.

Kamchatka as described?

Krasnoyarsk morning greeted us with heat and ... shallowed Yenisei. To adapt to the cold Arctic Ocean is godilos, allocated to us for 10-12 hours of time - right up to the plane - we are out of the water and did not go, he deserved the attention of both local Bunglers and drive up to the evening walrus club "Kriofil."

Of note, I must say, the whole world club. At the recent World Championships in Jurmala collected all the gold and silver, and bronze diluted. But even more "Kriofil" is well-known marathons the Yenisei. How they arrange them on the mighty Siberian river, must be seen. I - participant of last year's half-marathon, and saw with what respect there are walruses. Here is an example. Counter marathon ships not only slow down, but generally stopper movement and welcome athletes whistles. And the captains of the ships and yachts are sending their greetings to them through a megaphone. The merit of such an authority the club belongs to Michael Sashko, Chairman "Kriofila." By the way, the command center of Tyumen 'AkvAySport - Tyumen "August 25 will be involved in all kinds of martial arts on the Yenisei River water - from 25 meters to 36 kilometers.

In the evening, cool in the Yenisei, with the team we have taken off the plane from Krasnoyarsk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Khabarovsk. On approach to Khabarovsk - indescribable beauty of the Amur River, or rather, of its many branches. Just miles of elements! But even this beauty (Yenisei, Amur) does not go to any comparison with Kamchatka ...

Kamchatka, I do not describe adequately, do not pick the right words. It will be exciting, I want to look and look without stopping, so far as the window of the plane. Here, all at once: the Pacific Ocean, the Kamchatka peninsula from the bays and islands, boats, insects, and volcanoes, piercing the clouds, in the ice necklace, smoking and quiet, stern and silent, giants-giants, keeping the beauty of Kamchatka.

At the airport we were greeted by the village Elizovo Jack Bright, known in the circles of extreme man, an Englishman living in the Czech Republic.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky if benefits from nature, the structure itself, life, social sphere and infrastructure froze somewhere in the late 80's. Apparently, from the time when our army was still powerful, and the area is closed (regime), little has changed. All imported and very expensive. Eggs and fish also somehow more expensive than ours. We asked residents a paradox. Clear answer is not received. Probably also imported from Holland.

Actually, life and food have the least interest. The first bad news was: we are not missing out on the ship "Akademik Shokal'skii", and therefore had to settle anywhere. And it was then a lowly life of Kamchatka overtook us inexorably, like a tsunami Japan. To go into detail, I will not, so let me just pobryuzzhat bit. As on Kamchatka is what we will never have - the ocean! Asked Jack to accompany us on the waterfront - and right into the water. A subject of the Queen Elizabeth once somehow did not realize that we are from Tyumen (banks do not see), and had come with us into the depths of Avacha Bay. And it must be said, in widths up to 25 kilometers. It visually appears that no more than 5 km. Well, we are, apparently, and beguiled our lake Avachev Champions - lime-2. Were calm at home, good, that salt water keeps afloat much better fresh. In general, given a certain workshop colleague Jack. By the way, then the world no one else sparred on the water. Probably because the weather turned bad and the storm all week. In general, with the element of water, and we were lucky: waves, winds, tides ebb and battered us fairly.

Sea lions have admired

On the second day of heats made friends from the "local" - three sea lions. Subsequently left alone, but as a loyal friend, waiting for us every day in the 2-2.5 km from the shore, was flirting with us, curious, dive, watching us. But when he saw how cleverly we "got out" of pograntsov by boat, particularly admired. Where did they come on a fast Airboat, I do not understand. However, when you look around where one storm surge and suddenly have to answer the questions of strict soldier, who we are and what we do in the border zone - and we kind of did not occur in the heat of the passport ... I had to throw improvise.

Introduce a new kind of walrus - Tyumen. Border guards said that, well, in this weather to us more comfortable and safer than they were in their own bathroom.

Apparently, the answer is "terrible lieutenant" liked, and he demanded a passport did not, and wished us a pleasant return. As suddenly guards went away. To be honest, this is impressive surprise. Because, probably, and the border at the castle!

In short, our "local friend" - Sychev nicknamed him "dude" - we admired how cool friends and swim was very close. In general, zadruzhili. "Man" does not know that the cooler we can only U.S. lawyers. Influential people. In this, we will soon have to make sure ...

To quote the court document: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed guide Roshydromet that" ... in unfavorable for Russia Washington Court verdict on the so-called "case Schneerson" there is a real risk of a security in the U.S. arrest of Russian state property not protected diplomatic immunity ... Speech in particular, the question of entering the territorial waters of the U.S. ships, which are not exempt from penalties in enforcement proceedings on judicial decisions (letter № 4013/DSA MFA from 17.07.2012, the).

Ship "Akademik Shokal'skii" great for our project, completely fell under the verdict of the U.S. Court. Although he had absolutely nothing to do with the said and little-known case of the Russians Schneerson, or the subtleties of American foreign policy. Neither the Hebrew manuscripts, which Mr. Schneerson requires the return of the Russians. And they neither sleep nor the spirit of these manuscripts are not unheard of, because, they say, these manuscripts are lost in the dashing revolutionary years. In short, distant history. And we go with it!

And so it happened that the team of the world, collected the bits of the most distinguished and well-known swimmers, these extreme cold voyage from Cape Town to London, Moscow and Kamchatka, was held hostage in the American justice system.

Justice which is a regular sequence of looking for any loopholes that uses all sorts of tricks to achieve legal adverse judgments against Russia and presents these solutions as a guarantee of democratic freedom for all mankind ...

A lawyer from the U.S., which is not something that in cold water, but even in the heat without a therapist does not come, packed us in Kamchatka on hand and foot. But we believe that at least half of the way to the island Rotmanova reach. Believed not leave, continued to swim, train in Avacha bay, admiring Vilyuchinskaya volcano Enjoy the nature and fauna of Kamchatka.

Countryman on the edge of the earth

Russian Navy Day in Kamchatka - it's like New Year, celebrating everything hard. Us Tyumentsev also had to participate. At first we just took pictures with our flags and Kamchatka sailors. By the way, the most respected (here it is in front of you in awards and with a beard), Captain First Rank was our countryman. Alexander B. Vakarin. Originally from Ishim, lived in Tyumen. Now, imagine, on the edge of the land, and without Tyumentsev way!

TV Company "Kamchatka" asked us to shoot material for television. We do not care to swim, so we do not mind. On the water, they were welcomed, given the opportunity to change them based on the MOE. Cooked soup, boiled tea ...

Bay was boiling from the yacht (upcoming regatta), boats of various services of warships. Embankment, has moved the military parade was full of people. It should be noted, the whole week was pouring rain, it was cold and windy, but the people approached to look at our race.

July 29 was a full house! When we were asked to get on a boat for an interview with local television, we saw many people on the beach waiting for us to say hi. What can I say? Sense of pride and importance of our participation in the celebration of the Navy just overflowed - as a storm surge. And the curtain "dude" could not stand (on the camera, we loudly sorry we did not see it today, it hurts to be still in the bay). Popped up and took us with longing eyes. Realized that more of us do not see.

MOE boat gave a lap for us. By warships from which the sailors waved his cap, past boats prepared for the regatta, boats MES and GIMS, past the entire waterfront, replete with people greeting us.

In the evening there was a meeting of all - despite the sparseness of the city - united team. We talked about the projects on the way back, about to make friends. In speeches was apparent sadness along with a determination to repeat the project and sail to Alaska. Andrei Mikhalev in response to the intricacies and difficulties that we encountered in the project, said these words: "It seems that the Lord God has been pleased to keep us on the Bering Strait. Apparently, we did not include anything else, something not yet prepared to adequately take this hard and no one has conquered the route. "

Ram Barkai (South Africa), the only swimmer extreme, who swam in Antarctica kilometer in the hole, in his response, said they understand all the obstacles to the project, they believe in their success in the future to overcome. The main thing, he said, believe me - this team still has not been collected.

Aqua-degree training athletes, he said, at the highest level. Determination to swim off scale. His speech Ram Barkai concluded as follows: "Where it is easy, there is no!"

Andrei Sychev - he took the word of the Tyumen team - concluded: "The Bering Strait - it's like Everest to climbers, only Everest conquered many times, and the Bering Strait is still not won."

It seemed that all we comfort each other. Just one call - and we'll be back, despite the lost window of favorable weather conditions, the gathering storm and cold snap. Still ahead. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in two days, but something will happen. And here it is, a dream, here it is - the Bering Strait.

We can only swim. It remains to swim. Now it seems that it is the easiest thing in the project. Here go all the way approvals, financing - Wow!

And the main thing - more. The main thing - to understand the significance of this project: this bridge of friendship between the peoples.

But officials are unpredictable - yet insurmountable obstacle to walk towards the Sun.

"Tyumen news" № 137 08.09.2012

Author: Andrew Agarkov