Water wonderland

by Margie McDonald From: The Australian November 09, 2012 12:00AM

CLIMBING on to the bus to take me to Gladstone Harbour marina with my backpack and swim-gear bag, the man across the aisle gives me a stern look.

"You've got flippers. We don't like flippers here," he said.

This ocean-swimming caper is serious business. My flippers were packed for some snorkelling off Heron Island reef and not for the 3km organised swim circumnavigating the central Queensland coral cay. Best I hide them deeper in the bag next time.

Ocean swimming is now the adopted sport of many former pool swimmers, golfers, triathletes and footballers whose joints and bones can't take the pounding any more.

But just because it's a low-impact sport doesn't mean ocean swimming is for the faint-hearted..

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