1000 m Winterswimming at the "1st Open Tournament cities in Russia Winter Swimming, Tyumen 2012" .

Wednesday, December 12, 2012  source: http://openwaterswimmer.blogspot.nl (Google translated)

Swimming in open water at extreme low temperatures (akvays) - opening the season!

From 15 - 16 December 2012 will be the "1st Open Tournament cities in Russia Winter Swimming Tyumen 2012" . The tournament Tyumen, 10 km Velizhansky canal, lake linden-2 (Lake Champions). Tournament organizer Tyumen Regional public organization "Center for hardening and swimming in cold water" AkvAysSport-Tyumen "" . The program of the tournament (from the provisions of the competition):

December 15

- Swimming at a distance of 25 m freestyle (women, men under 20, men over 60 years old);
- Swimming at a distance of 25 m breaststroke (women, men under 20, men over 60 years old);
- Swimming the 50m freestyle (men);
- Swimming the 50m breaststroke (men);
- Relay 4x25 (three men of different age groups, one female).

December 16
- Swimming at 150, 300 and 500-meter freestyle (women);

- Swimming at a distance of 300, 500, 800, and 1000 meter freestyle (men);
- Super marathon distance of over 1000 meters.

(!) -   Distance counts provided independent access to the athlete out of the water. On the personal outcome marathon of 500 meters for women, and 800 meters for men, the selection of participants will be made by swin the English Channel and the Bering Strait TOURNAMENT. Competitions are held in a standard 25-meter pool hole. The age of the tournament from 14 to 70 years and older.

"1st Open Tournament cities in Russia Winter Swimming Tyumen 2012" promises to be an international, are expected to participate in the tournament:

Yrjö-Koskinen Maria (Finland), President of the International Association of winter swimming;
Ram Barkai (Ram Barkai, South Africa), founder of the International Ice Swimming Association , a living legend and champion marathon swim in the icy water;
Scott Lautmana (Scott Lautman, USA) veteran American swimming, marathon swimmer at age 51, won the Strait of Gibraltar (3 September 2003), one of the best swimmers in the marathon "Swim Across America" ​​;
Cristian Vergara (Cristian Vergara, Chile) Chilean marathon swimmer, who was one of the first to make a two-way crossing of the Beagle Channel in 2010, the head of the Chilean winter swimming club;
Jackie Cobell (Jackie Cobell, UK) enslaver of the English Channel, the Club "Half Century Club" and "24-hour Club" ;
Alexander Yakovlev (Latvia), head of the Latvian winter swimming club "Jelgavas Roni";
Henrri Kaarma and Thomas Huggy (Estonia) heads the Estonian winter swimming club;
Kieron Palframana (Kieron Palframan, South Africa) of the participant unprecedented "ice" marathon ""Patagonia Extreme Cold Water Challenge"" in 2011;
Ryan Stremruda (Ryan Stramrood, South Africa), the conqueror of the English Channel and the participant "Patagonia Extreme Cold Water Challenge" in 2011;
Nualy Moore (Nuala Moore, Ireland) conqueror

of the English Channel in 2008, and participating teams marathon swimmers of 6, who in 2006 sailed around Ireland relay race (830 miles in 56 days) - Round Ireland Swim;

Anna Maria Ward (Anne Marie Ward, Ireland) member "Round Ireland Swim" .
Of special interest in the "1st Open tournament cities of Russia Winter Swimming Tyumen 2012" is supermarafonskaya distance of over 1000 meters - the highest degree of skill in the "ice" marathon, as well as participation in this race of world stars akvaysa. Thus, swimmers coldwater opened the season :-) "ice" navigation, which causes shivering swimmers, Teplovik (which I also am :-)).