“Swimming in the Seas of the Globe”

“Swimming in the Seas of the Globe”
2013 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim

The Consulate of Italy in Western Australia is proud to announce the participation of Mr Salvatore Cimmino in the forthcoming Rottnest Channel Swim from Cottesloe to Rottnest.
Born in Torre Annunziata, Italy in 1964, Salvatore Cimmino lost one leg at the age of 15 as a consequence of an osteosarcoma. At the age of 40, after countless physical problems, Salvatore took up swimming under medical advice. He had never been in the water before. After eight months, on July 15th 2006, he made his first crossing from the Island of Capri to Sorrento, Italy’s
mainland, (22 km), without any prosthetic aid. Immediately after he began his “Swimming Streak” in order to attract the public’s attention to the world of the disabled and their problems. In 2007 he undertook the “Swimming Tour of Italy” and in 2009 the “Swimming Tour of Europe”.

In 2010 Salvatore Cimmino began his new project called “SWIMMING THE SEAS OF THE GLOBE – For a World without Barriers and Frontiers”, a challenge to conquer the seas of the entire planet in four years. The Rottnest Channel Swim will be the 8th leg of Salvatore’s world tour, which has already touched Israel, Slovenia, New Zealand, Argentina, Canada, USA, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and will continue on to Mexico, Italy and again USA.
Salvatore’s main goal is to increase awareness on disabled conditions around the world and fight mistrust and rejection. «I fight in order for the technological breakthroughs to become accessible to as many people as possible, to heal the suffering and enable people with disabilities to fully exploit the capabilities and skills they possess. To be able to contribute to their society and to work,
ultimately becoming first-class citizens like everyone else». These are the words pronounced by Salvatore Cimmino at a recent press conference held in the city of Orvieto in the presence of Australia’s Deputy Ambassador to Italy, Mr Douglas Tappert, in view of the Rottnest Channel Swim.
A press conference will be held at the Italian Club of Fremantle (65 Marine Terrace), on Friday, February 15th at 11.30 to present Mr Cimmino’s project to the Western Australian press and public.

For more information: www.salvatorecimmino.it

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