EC Masters 2013, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The European Masters Championships has recieved about 840 entries for the open water event on Saturday 7, 2013

The waves will consist off about 50 swimmers and the first wave starts at 10:00 for the 3.000 m stretch.

frrom the entry booklet

The competition will be 3.000 meters and will take place in the Eindhoven canal.
The competition will start at 10:00 in waves with 15 minutes interval. It will be held on a one way course, a straight line of 3.000 meter.
Participants will gather at the finish location, from where they will be transported to the  starting location.
Competitors shall confirm their participation at the Information Centre not later than 12:00 on Friday 6th September 2013. More information about the confirmation will follow.
The Technical meeting will be on Friday 6th September at 19:00. Place to be confirmed.

Competitors will be seeded in waves according to age groups from youngest to the oldest to assure similar wind and water conditions per age group. Competitors may be selected irrespective of gender.
All competitors will receive and must wear a bright colored cap according to the seeding. No wetsuits are allowed. In each wave, the Referee may order out any competitors who have not finished the race within forty five (45) minutes after the arrival of the winner in the samewave and age group.

Full medical provision and appropriate safety will be provided during and at the end of the competition. Only well prepared and medically fit swimmers may enter this event. Each competitor is responsible for her/his own medical examination. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for accidents related to inadequate preparation or health matters.
Warm drinks and wool cover will be provided at the end of the course free of charge.

Victory Ceremonies
The Victory Ceremonies will be held directly after the competition of each wave and age groups, as soon as possible.