Exchange-action wrong Arena Carbon Pro during EK Masters Eindhoven

During the upcoming Arena European Masters Championships in Eindhoven, Arena has additional new Carbon Pro MK2 suits available for direct exchange for their faulty suits!

These are the models Jammer and Full Body Short Leg Open (with open back!). Only a limited number of suits are available for exchanged and than only on Monday, September 2 through Friday, September 6 (not on Saturday and Sunday) at the Arena SportsEmotion stand. Exchange is only possible with the Arena representative present and if the swimmer takes along his or her old suit and bring the printed certificate that can be found on the Arena website.

read about the faulty swimsuits here: 3 types Arena Powerskin Carbon-Pro racing suits DISALLOWED

3 km openwater racing is on Saturday, 7 September 2013 - 10.00h