results EC Masters Openwater 2013, Eindhoven Netherlands

We had 20 waves that started every 5 minutes on the 2,800 meter long track.

665 Masters from 31 countries started.

The biggest difference was in age-group 45-49 males between Fabio Calmasini in 34:15.50 and Mark Henry Oliver in 1:24:09.45

Donald Uijtenbogaert, age group (65-69) won gold in 41:20,85
Donald has participated in all the World and European Masters championships held so far.

The fastest woman was Louise Delani DEN in 37:14.30 of age group 25-29
The slowest woman was Hella Klausen EST in 1:42:46.00 of age-group 75+

The fastest man was Hugo Alberto Ribeiro POR in 33:42.90 of age group 25-29
The slowest man was Gabriel Villalonga FRA in 1:35:10.30of age-group 75+

results >>>here<<<

statistics per country and club >>>here<<<