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Setting The Record (9 Days) Straight

The original article by Steven Munatones is posted on partnersite 10k Swimmer since Saturday, August 29, 2009

Up to 250 people will take part in the Guinness Book of World Record attempt on September 9th in Camlough Lake in Newry, Northern Ireland to break the existing open water swimming relay record of 480 kilometers (298 miles). The relay members plans to swim 500 kilometers (310 miles), but may go futher if the circumstances (swimmers and conditions) permit.

The Guinness World Record Relay Open Water Swim attempt will be made in a GPS-certified loop course of 750 meters with only one swimmer and a support kayak in the water at one time. When one swimmer completes his or her distance, there is a relay exchange and the next person starts in a continuous rotation until 500 kilometers – or beyond – is reached.

Ottawa teacher second person to swim all 5 Great Lakes

he original article is posted (with picture) on The Gazette since August 25, 2009.

OTTAWA — Ottawa teacher Paula Stephanson successfully completed her marathon swim of Lake Michigan Monday night.

Stephanson, who became only the second person, after famed Canadian swimmer Vickie Keith, to swim all five Great Lakes, took 25 hours and 38 minutes to make the 56-kilometre crossing from Chicago to a beach near the Michigan-Indiana state line.

She had hoped the journey would take a maximum of 24 hours.

In an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, the 30-year-old downplayed her athletic accomplishments and said the toughest aspect of the swims include not allowing herself to focus on the negative.

"A lot of it is mental. There are a lot of people that are physically able to do it, but they mentally just can't handle it."

She said what worries her the most on marathon swims are the things beyond her control.

Did he or didn't he swim the English Channel in 1908?

The original article by Seth Daniel is posted on The Revere Journal since August 26, 2009

There was no greater, larger-than-life character in the character-rich history of Revere than that of Samuel Mahoney - an extraordinary swimmer and lifeguard on Revere Beach that has left the city with one of its most enduring, but forgotten, mysteries.

Mahoney was an Irish immigrant who emerged on Revere Beach at the turn of the last century, making a name for himself locally and nationally as the captain of the Beach’s private, volunteer life-saving service. An engineer at his day job and a resident of Garfield Avenue, the man was a marvel - blending the perfect amount of vaudeville-style showmanship with raw physical ability.

He was, however, one part athlete and two parts showman.

Rashmi wants to swim English Channel both ways

The original article is posted on MyNews since 20/8/2009 11:59:47 AM(IST)

Kolkata: Twenty-year-old swimming sensation Rashmi Sharma wants to be the first Indian to swim English Channel both ways if any sponsor supports her venture.

She already made a hattrick, swimming the stormy icy-cold strait from Calais to Dover, '''but my latest success on August 13 spending nearly 24 hours has boosted my confidence to cross the Channel both ways from one go, ''the IT student told a media conference today.

She along with her 17-year-old sister Richi swam together to cross 8.5 mile Gibraltar (from Spain to Morrocco) in just three hrs 20 mts on August 7 before venturing to swim the English Channel for third time in space of six days.

Rashmi, swimming from age two at a Kidderpore pool, first crossed the Atlantic Ocean arm's 26 miles in 11 hrs 47 mts on July 19, 2006, and again on August 25 in the following year and lately on August 13 to make hattrick, the first Indian girl to do so.

The swimsuit's role in creating (open water) champions

The original article by Glenn Stout is posted (with picture) on BostonGlobe since August 4, 2009.

IS IT THE suit, or the swimmer?

This is the question that is being asked of Michael Phelps and other world-class swimmers today. Precisely how much of their speed in the water is due to their own innate abilities as opposed to the more streamlined swimsuits currently in vogue is a question that vexes the swimming community. After all, Phelps seemed once invincible in his Speedo LZR, last year’s hot swim racing fashion. But all of a sudden German swimmer Paul Biedermann, in his new, high-tech Arena X-Glide suit, has left Phelps behind.

A Dip in the Cold

The original book review on Swimming the Northwest Passage by by Lynne Cox is posted by The New Yorker since April 21, 2008.

In June, 1972, I flew over the North Atlantic Ocean. I was fifteen years old, and on my way to England to swim across the English Channel. I gazed out the window of the plane and saw Greenland. Glacial domes sparkled in the clear blue Arctic sky, fractured snow and ice clung to the steep mountain walls, and rivers of ice and snow extended in wide bands to the sea. I pressed my forehead against the cool window and looked thirty-five thousand feet down. Something small and white was floating on the dark-blue water—an iceberg.

Niek Kloots - Promoting Open Water In Europe

The original article by Steven Munatones is posted on partnersite 10k swimmer since Friday August 21, 2009

Open water swimming promoter Niek Kloots of Heiloo, born in 1957 in the tropics in Indonesia to Dutch parents, has been involved in swimming from many different angles: parent, timekeeper, judge, starter, official and all-around enthusiast.

Sponsor Looking For Marathon Swimmers

story on our partner site 10kswimmer.com

They are looking for four outstanding marathon swimmers to become an Endurance Trust sponsored athlete.

Contact us via email at headcoach@10Kswim.com to apply.

Tell us why you are interested and worthy - in any format you wish. We will select four athletes of various ages, abilities and backgrounds to become a Endurance Trust sponsored athlete - and will follow these four athletes on their adventures and worthy causes.

Hot over cold challenge

The original article is posted (with picture) on The Star since Sunday August 16, 2009.

Heidi Gan is undeterred by a fellow Malaysian’s aborted swim across the English Channel and hopes to take on what is known as the Everest of open water swimming by the end of next year.

BARELY six weeks after Zahra Masoumah Abdul Halim’s aborted swim across the English Channel, another Malaysian lass is keen to take up the challenge.

Undeterred by her fellow Malaysian’s unsuccessful attempt last month, Heidi Gan hopes to take on what is known as the Everest of open water swimming by the end of next year.

In fact, the day her cousin Dr Lennard Lee conquered the channel in 2004, it whetted her appetite for open water swimming.