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Australian Chloe Mccardell breaks record swimming 16 straight hours in spa

Australian Chloe McCardell was forced to abandon her Cuba-to-Florida attempt in 2013, before Diana Nyad’s successful swim, after suffering a jellyfish sting.

So for her latest World Record endurance swim, McCardell swam in a bit of a more controlled environment

The Australian swam 16 hours straight in a “spa” (think Endless Pool) in Melbourne.

This challenge wasn’t nearly as long as the one done by Diana Nyad, but it provides a whole different type challenge.

Australians protest at plans to kill sharks in Perth

Thousands of people have been taking part in protests in Australia over a plan to kill large sharks.

The Western Australia government is set to install baited hooks off Perth's popular beaches in response to seven fatal shark attacks in three years.

But protesters say a cull is not the answer, and will only damage the sea's delicate ecosystem.

More than 4,000 people gathered for a demonstration at Perth's Cottesloe beach alone.

"Without the sharks there will be no future for humanity because they balance out the ecosystem and every living creature in the sea is really important," one protester said.

At a demonstration in Melbourne, one protester said: "We're better than killing wildlife in vengeance. We need to use the science that's there, to work with the science that's there, to learn to live with these creatures instead of culling them."

Two-day Rottnest Channel swim being considered for 2015 event

PERTH'S Rottnest Channel Swim is set for a major overhaul, after a record number of applicants were turned away from the 2014 event.

The world's largest open water swim will get bigger under a plan to split it over two days or two concurrent races.

Rumors: Marcel Wouda as open water coach in Australia

Update December 15, Marcel has rejected the Australian offer. He said that during an interview on tv. He's staying loyal to his present swimmers.

December 12, LONDON - The job of the National Open Water Coach for Swimming Australia is the loosening tongues in the Netherlands. One name is mentioned and buzzes along the pool lines.

Jarrod Poort takes win at Ocean Swim Series

Australian 5km open-water swimming champion Jarrod Poort has proved too good in the second round of the State New Zealand Ocean Swim Series.

4 days untill start of Season in New Zealand

4 Days to go until the Series kicks off with the State Harbour Crossing.

There are under 100 spots left! Get your entry in now to avoid disappointment. Online entries close this Friday at midnight if the event doesn’t sell out before then.

Locals compete with renowned swimmers in Fiji

THE annual Mana Island Ocean Swim Festival ended on Saturday with local teams from Nadi and Suva competing with established international swimmers.

Winners of the race included Wally Eggleton of New South Wales, Australia, who took out the open grade 10 and three kilometres race around the island while 19-year-old Zoe Elkerton won the one-kilometre race.

Another big one for Trent Grimsey

Trent Grimsey is without a doubt one of the greatest open water swimmers on the planet.  He’s the swam the English Channel faster than anyone, he’s won the FINA Grand Prix series and stood a top many podiums during his career. A couple of months ago he announced his retirement from open water swim racing.  However, a great athlete like Trent can’t be held back. He’s taken a courageous look at himself and realizes he’s got a lot more racing inside of him. So next up he’s got an eye on something truly mind-blowing; competing in 2015 Enduroman Arch to Arc Ultra Triathlon.  Here’s what Trent has to say about the next step in his athletic career:

Trent Grimsey announced his retirement today

Trent Grimsey, who made a name as one of the top open water swimmers in the world, announced his retirement today.

"Today I am officially announcing my retirement from professional marathon swimming," Grimsey said in a statement. "Over the past eight years I have been fortunate enough to travel the world competing in the sport I love. I have met some amazing people and made friends that I'll have for life. I have absolutely no regrets."

Hero fisherman saves mate in epic swim

A HERO fisherman has saved the life of his injured mate after an epic three-hour swim through freezing waters off the Gold Coast.

A freak wave struck the men's dinghy as they returned from a fishing trip late on Tuesday afternoon, leaving one of them with two dislocated shoulders and a dislocated hip.

They had just enough time to grab their lifejackets before the boat went under.

In a heroic act of endurance, the injured man's mate hauled him across two kilometres of freezing open ocean, battling strong currents and big waves.