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Stephanie aiming to be first disabled swimmer to cross Cook Strait

Stephanie Hartley, who has spina bifida, aims to be the first disabled woman to swim the Cook Strait.

The 23-year-old is determined to conquer it with the help of Active Choices Exercise (ACE) programme.

Ms Hartley, who uses a wheelchair, has been swimming since she was a baby.
"When I'm in the water I feel free. If I could live in the water I would," Ms Hartley says.

The Takapuna worker swims competitively, sometimes with able bodied swimmers. Her latest win was at a Paralymics New Zealand event where she won two bronze medals for breast-stroke.

Harbour swim a step closer to dream

Source: New Zealand Herald
"Even though the Olympic distance is 10km, and these are shorter, they give you more experience in open-water swimming to get some valuable racing and to practise the skills you need in open-water competition." Radford, who is coached by Mark Regan at ...

Teen knocks off eight-time winner

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily
He knocked off his idol, Gold Coast surf and pool star Ky Hurst, who finished fourth (in 11.27) in his hunt for a ninth Eyeline swim victory at the Noosa .

Shark sighting forces swim-event cancellation

A reported shark sighting forced the cancellation of an open-water swimming event at Mullaloo Beach in Perth's north this morning.

People near Dunsborough also fled the waters following a second reported shark sighting in the South-West, where divers were cleared from a popular diving location. our new sponsor

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They are the website about openwater swimming in Australia and the South Pacific.

Paul Ellercamp, a retired newspaper reporter, is the head of the organization.


Shelley Taylor-Smith: dangerous when wet

source : H2openmagazine
SEVEN time World Marathon Swimming champion Shelley Taylor-Smith talks to H2Open about swimming, life and her joy in helping other people achieve their goal.

The nickname ‘Dangerous When Wet’ served both as Shelley Taylor-Smith’s nickname throughout her dominance of open water swimming in the 1990s and as the title of her 1996 biography.

Nadandolibre Online · Jose Diaz · Chris Palfrey ·a swimmer in essence

Today we are pleased to present an interview on Nadandolibre Online Open Water of one of the most experienced men in the world of open water swimming. The Australian success swimmer Chris Palfrey. He travels the world, conquering swimming large channels with his wife and world recordholder Penny Palfrey.
Chris his experience in this world of open water is as great as his courage for extreme difficult open water challenges and with a high risk for encounters with extremely dangerous aquatic animals.

Apparently this swimmer can control his mind and his physiological capabilities as not many other human beings can do.

He has succeeded in winning an unprecedented and a long list of channel crossings worldwide.

In the twilight zone. - the Cook Strait crossing told by Salvatore Cimmino himself

.........It was about 7:30 a.m. when we moved to reach the place of departure: Makara Coast.
Before going ahead with the story, in order to make you realize the extreme conditions that I was facing, I must reveal the concerns Philip shared with Miriam: is he sure? Does he feel comfortable? Is he aware of the difficulties? Of the very low water temperature? Of the risk of hypothermia? Certainly, and rightly so, he had strong doubts on the success of the crossing.
Miriam answered back with my motives: the determination, at all costs, to help build a new bridge and give hope to many people with disabilities so that they can achieve and independent life: education, work, family, in one sentence, a world where everyone fits in. Nobody and nothing could stop me, not even hypothermia!
After about an hour we arrived at Makara Coast, the place of departure of what will be remembered by all New Zealanders as the historic achievement of a disabled swimmer, the first having tried to challenge the Southern Hemisphere’s winter, the first disabled person to attempt and complete the crossing of the Cook Strait.........

Ocean’s Seven – Six down, one to go for Penny Palfrey

The Ocean's Seven is the marathon swimming equivalent of the mountain climbing challenge, the “Seven Summits”. But unlike its land based equivalent, the ...

Amputee swims Cook Strait

A one-legged man has become the first amputee to successfully swim the Cook Strait.

Italian long-distance swimmer Salvatore Cimmino completed the 26km journey in just over eight hours.

His arrival was much warmer than how he had spent time earlier; in sea water barely above 10degC.