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Trent Grimsey announced his retirement today

Trent Grimsey, who made a name as one of the top open water swimmers in the world, announced his retirement today.

"Today I am officially announcing my retirement from professional marathon swimming," Grimsey said in a statement. "Over the past eight years I have been fortunate enough to travel the world competing in the sport I love. I have met some amazing people and made friends that I'll have for life. I have absolutely no regrets."

Hero fisherman saves mate in epic swim

A HERO fisherman has saved the life of his injured mate after an epic three-hour swim through freezing waters off the Gold Coast.

A freak wave struck the men's dinghy as they returned from a fishing trip late on Tuesday afternoon, leaving one of them with two dislocated shoulders and a dislocated hip.

They had just enough time to grab their lifejackets before the boat went under.

In a heroic act of endurance, the injured man's mate hauled him across two kilometres of freezing open ocean, battling strong currents and big waves.

Jellyfish ‘ambush’ ends Australian woman’s record Cuba-US swim

KEY WEST, June 14 — Australian long-distance swimmer Chloe McCardel was making good headway in calm seas at dusk when she suddenly hit a stinging swarm of jellyfish, eventually forcing her to abandon her quest to become the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.

“It felt like explosions hitting my body,” she told reporters yesterday after returning to Key West.

McCardel, 28, was pulled from the water on Wednesday night. She said the stings were so numerous she was paralysed from the waist down by the pain and forced to gave up the attempt 11 hours into the 103 mile (166 km) marathon swim.

Despite being stung repeatedly on her arms, legs and back by venomous box jellyfish tentacles McCardel kept going for 20 to 30 minutes, said team spokesman, Matt Nelson.

Daan Glory still enjoys a moment in Australia

Marathon Swimming. Source: Noordhollands Dagblad March 11, 2013

Daan Glorie won on Saturday in Australia the "Giants of the Bay". The marathon specialist from Alkmaar swimming club DAW was much faster than the competition. After 30 km he finished 25 minutes in front of the second, a relay team.
The journey of Portalington to Point Lonsdale (100 km below Melbourne) was swum under severe conditions, reports Glory of the other side of the world: 'The first two hours, I totally did not get into my stroke because off the heavy swell, which was right into my face. Only then I came into the rhythm, especially when the kayaker, who was afraid of the high waves finally sailed alongside of me.

“Swimming in the Seas of the Globe”

“Swimming in the Seas of the Globe”
2013 HBF Rottnest Channel Swim

The Consulate of Italy in Western Australia is proud to announce the participation of Mr Salvatore Cimmino in the forthcoming Rottnest Channel Swim from Cottesloe to Rottnest.
Born in Torre Annunziata, Italy in 1964, Salvatore Cimmino lost one leg at the age of 15 as a consequence of an osteosarcoma. At the age of 40, after countless physical problems, Salvatore took up swimming under medical advice. He had never been in the water before. After eight months, on July 15th 2006, he made his first crossing from the Island of Capri to Sorrento, Italy’s
mainland, (22 km), without any prosthetic aid. Immediately after he began his “Swimming Streak” in order to attract the public’s attention to the world of the disabled and their problems. In 2007 he undertook the “Swimming Tour of Italy” and in 2009 the “Swimming Tour of Europe”.

Salvatore Cimmino -- Australia, WA – Rottnest Strait Swim

Last Saturday, in Orvieto, at the Council Hall, I presented the eighth stage of my world swim tour.

For this opportunity, I would like to thank Mayor Antonio Concina, Vice Mayor Roberta Tardani, my dear friend Felice Zazzaretta, and the President of the UISP Orvieto Fabrizia Mencarelli, who welcomed me with great affection, in a wonderful town that is now also becoming my town for the solidarity and support that I have found there.

I also want to thank my colleague and friend Michael Lenton, prof. Adelio Salsano and the Australian Deputy Ambassador Douglas Tappert, for joining in the project that is so dear to me: “Swimming in the Seas of the Globe”, for a world without barriers and borders.

Water wonderland

by Margie McDonald From: The Australian November 09, 2012 12:00AM

CLIMBING on to the bus to take me to Gladstone Harbour marina with my backpack and swim-gear bag, the man across the aisle gives me a stern look.

"You've got flippers. We don't like flippers here," he said.

This ocean-swimming caper is serious business. My flippers were packed for some snorkelling off Heron Island reef and not for the 3km organised swim circumnavigating the central Queensland coral cay. Best I hide them deeper in the bag next time.

Ocean swimming is now the adopted sport of many former pool swimmers, golfers, triathletes and footballers whose joints and bones can't take the pounding any more.

But just because it's a low-impact sport doesn't mean ocean swimming is for the faint-hearted..

Swimming: Amputee relishes ocean swim classic

If you think swimming 3.3km in next weekend's State Paihia Classic is too far, know that if Russell's Margot Forrest can swim it with just one leg, your excuses are looking a little thin.

Forrest, who had her left leg amputated five years ago, said the water has become her natural habitat.

"I get a real sense of freedom in the water, particularly after the first five minutes or so when you get over the pain and get into the zone - you can almost forget you're missing a leg," she said.

English Channel star takes aim

by Mark Bode, 2nd Nov 2012

WORLD No.1 marathon swimmer Trent Grimsey has battled adversity to earn the respect of his peers - but it seems Swimming Australia is proving harder to please.

Grimsey, who will today attempt to win his second Eyeline Noosa 1000 Ocean Swim, has accused Swimming Australia of snubbing him because he is an open-water competitor.

The Brisbane-based swimmer has produced his best year in the sport - highlighted by his ascension to the top of the FINA open-water grand prix circuit rankings and his record-breaking English Channel crossing.

In 24-year-old Grimsey, Australia has one of its most accomplished athletes.

Can someone tell Swimming Australia?

Baker shares second in World Cup marathon swim

Source: New Zealand swimming

Queensland-based swimmer Cara Baker has claimed a share of second place in the penultimate round of the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup in Hong Kong at the weekend.