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John Van Wisse up for short stuff

The original article by Tony Sheahan is posted (with picture) on HeraldSun since December 12, 2010 12:00AM

PROFESSIONAL swimmer John van Wisse says he cannot wait for next month's Lorne Pier-to-Pub race as he prepares for his swim around New York City's Manhattan Island in June.

Rottnest Channel Swim

Saturday, 26 February, 2011 - 05:45 to 18:00

Harbour swim's big future

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RONMAN Ky Hurst is one of the masterminds behind an Australia Day open-water swim that has the potential to turn Sydney Harbour into the sport's premiere venue.

Final sprint a tight battle

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A record opening night turnout and the second-highest number of swimmers in the 24 years of the series started in the first swim of the Port Nelson Summer Sea Swim Series last night.

Go conquer the Channel

The original article by Edward Rooney is posted (with picture) on The Aucklander since 18th November 2010

Six Auckland Grammar pupils will take on Britain's mighty stretch of sea, but there's water to tread first, finds Edward Rooney.

A group of lads from Auckland Grammar will take part in the Auckland Harbour Crossing this weekend - but this swim is small fry compared with the waters that lie ahead.

Balmain, Cronulla at late spring best, but blowy at Redcliffe, Raby...

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Well, what a glorious day it was at Balmain for the Dawny swim around Cockatoo Island... Balmain at its best, with a gentle but spirited nor'-easter blowing through the jacarandas, whipping up a few little whitecaps on the harbour, lifting the skirts of the glitterati in Darling Street, and an anti-clockwise swim around the island (see background above) for the first time... It truly was a beautiful day. About the only complaint was that the sales weren't on on Darling St, according to the laydees.

Taking it to the extreme

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Brenda Russell, ocean swimmer

Australian woman cuts Oahu-Kauai swim short due to jellyfish

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Penny Palfrey is recovering Wednesday night, though smiling through her pain.

With all the scars on her face and body, it looks like she suffered some severe lashings.

On her arms, back, earlobe and even her face.

Cold water poured on 'risky' Channel swim

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LONDON - Armed with little more than a bathing suit, nose plugs and a liberal application of Vaseline, hundreds of cross-Channel swimmers have sought out one of sport's toughest challenges since Captain Matthew Webb first performed the feat in 1875.

Blind man's marathon swimming guided by whistles

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CHAMPION long-distance swimmer James Pittar will have nothing but the whistles of his support crew to guide him when he begins another gruelling open-water swim next week.