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A swimmer's perspective on the City of London Corporation's proposals for Hampstead Heath ponds

Nicola Mayhew, Co-chair of the Hampstead Heath Ladies' Pond, gives her opinion on the City of London's proposals to adopt 'applied' charging at the ponds from 2 May 2020.

The proposals would be applicable at the point of entry for the bathing ponds and Heath Rangers will oversee and ensure payment.


On Sunday 8th March 2020, 83 swim groups around the world swam for International Women’s Day raising over £10,000 for charity. Vicky Allen, a key instigator in the #IWDswimrise movement, reports on her swim in Edinburgh.

Entries flying out of the water for 2020 Caldey Swim

Entries are flying out of the water for one of the UK’s iconic open-water swims, which takes place off the Pembrokeshire coast this summer.

The Caldey Swim – which covers the tricky stretch of water between the monastic island and Tenby – is due to be held on August 16.

The Caldey Swim 2020

Sunday, 16 August, 2020 - 10:30

This year’s swim will be on Sunday 16th August and will start at 10.30am from Caldey. This means Swimmers’ Registration will be open between 08.00 and 09.30, the boats to Caldey leaving at 09.45. Our online booking office will be open for entries from 09.00 on Sunday 1st March, St David’s Day. We look forward to hearing from you then ………..

You look down and see giant shapes moving in the water beneath you’

A jellyfish sting? Ger Carty compares the painful sensation to a bee sting before correcting himself. “I’d say it’s probably more like a bad nettle sting, that’s how I’d describe it.”

He should know because when he climbed out of the sea at Sangatte, in 2011, hauling himself up onto the unwelcoming, rocky coastline of northern France, almost 19 hours after leaving England, his body was covered in them.

The Open Water Swimmer’s Dilemma

The summer and autumn of 2019 and winter of 2019/2020 have been unusual at the Guillamene cove. Not for the weather or for the sea but because we had a higher number of safety incidents than previously. There were a number of serious incidents that I am aware of that required intervention of inshore rescue and/or ambulance service.

Christof Wandratsch Sweeps 2020 IISA World Cup Series Titles In 500m, 1000m Freestyle

The 2020 IISA World Cup Series has concluded after a season where the ice swimmers competed in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Vietsbroon (Germany) and Cheltenham (Great Britain).

Kyra Wijnker Won 1000m Freestyle IISA World Cup Series Title

The 2020 IISA World Cup Series has concluded after a season where the world’s best ice swimmers and winter swimmers competed in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Vietsbroon (Germany) and Cheltenham (Great Britain).

Canary Wharf 1 Mile Open Water Swim Event

Friday, 17 July, 2020 - 06:30

Swim Details

Name: Canary Wharf 1 Mile Open Water Swim Event

When: Friday, July 17, 2020; 6:30am/7:00am/7:30am

Want to get Busy in the Heart of the City?

Grab your fanciest wetsuit and book your place in the Canary Wharf 1-Mile Swim!

In the heart of The City of London, this event enables swimmers to compete their way around Millwall Dock – the location for the boat stunts in the 1999 James Bond film ‘The World is Not Enough.’