משחה אכזיב-Ointment Achziv, Israel

Saturday, 11 May, 2013 (All day)

Ointment Achziv 11/05/2013

At 11 to 12.5: distance open water ointment 5 and 1.5 km and 800 meters folk. Than cells in children, adolescents, adults and Masters

OW Poseidon: Who said passing through two points is only one straight line?

source:  By Orit Neudorfer (translated with Google)

Although the race was over a distance of 1900 meters, Orit Neudorfer decided to turn to the sea. Personal summary of ointment  Poseidon.  (ointment=OW swim)

Morning cool and breezy, cloudless sky. We sit on a white yacht, cruise out the smooth waters of the sea. Chilling breeze back, sun caressing pleasant, clean and beautiful beach front, only the gentle rattle of the engine and screeching gulls overhead breaking the silence. Two other yachts sail by. Pastoral picture with a taste of overseas.

No, we're not on vacation in Piraeus, not San Tropez. Opposite offer us the shoreline of Herzliya, round faces are familiar faces triathletes and swimmers, all with swimming goggles and a participant numbers registered on the arms. We are on our way to the starting point of a paste Poseidon, kilometer out to sea. Seemingly many more ointment, but the atmosphere is different frenetic excitement of pre - competition, imagine for a moment what pleasure cruise port city far away.

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