Vansbro simningen, Vansbro. Sweden

Friday, 8 July, 2011 (All day) to Monday, 11 July, 2011 (All day)

Öppna NM SM/JSM 10 km Open Water - Fredagen den 8 juli 2011  info

Vansbro Halvsim - Fredagen den 8 juli 2011 info

Vansbro Ungdomssim och SUM-SIM RM - Fredagen den 8 juli 2011  info

Distance no object for Barrow swimmers


A SUCCESSFUL season in the open water has come to a close for the members of Barrow Long Distance Swimming Club.

There were triumphs throughout the summer for the club members, starting with the Bala swim in North Wales.

In the 3km race, Tamara Durresepe finished third female, in 55.25mins, and Sally Chapman was fourth, in 56.57.

Irene Meikle was the first lady breaststroker, and David Cleghorn finished fifth male, closely followed by Ian Standing in sixth.

In the six-mile swim, Barrow’s Rebecca Lewis was first lady home for the third year running, with 16-year-old Erin Thompson fifth and mum Vicki Thompson ninth.

LEN European Open Water Swimming Championship Piombino2012 Italy + Final LEN-cup 2012

2012 European Open Water Swimming Cup leg four +
2012 European Open Water Swimming Championships +
1# Abbracciate l’Europeo, Piombino (Livorno), Italy

The 2012 European Open Water Swimming Cup kicked off with a 10km race in Eilat (ISR) on May 18 and comprises a total of four legs. The second leg took place in Antalya (TUR) on June 2 (5km), followed by Hoorn (NED) on August 4. The fourth leg of this year’s European Cup will be carried out together with the 2012 European Open Water Swimming Championships (September 12-16) in Piombino (ITA) on September 12 (10km).

Channel swim wrecked by stormy conditions

The original article is posted (with picture) on Manchester Evening News since September 24, 2010

A swimmer's brave bid to swim the English Channel for charity was cut short by violent seas – when she was just four miles from the French coast.

Heather Mather, 48, and her team mates had already swum 29 miles when they were forced to abandon their quest after being lashed by the stormy waters.

Heather said: "When we started out at first, it was fine and fairly calm, but it just got worse as we went along, with really choppy waters.

"I was just constantly sick the whole way through and it was horrendous. I was getting quite emotional throughout it, but I knew I couldn’t let the team down."

13# European Masters Championships in Open Water Swimming, Yalta, Ukraine

Saturday, 10 September, 2011 - 10:00

Day 6

Saturday, 10 September 2011
3 km Open Water Men
3 km Open Water Women