5# Neda el Món Prades Siurana, Prades - Pantà de Siurana (Tarragona), Spain

Sunday, 21 June, 2015 (All day)

  • Place: Siurana Lake (Tarragona)
  • Date: 21st June 2015
  • Field: Lake
  • Distance: 3,000 m - 6,000 m - 9,000 m
  • Start point: Siurana Lake
  • End point: Siurana Lake
  • Limit of participants: 400
  • Water temperature: 21-22ºC

race report: Oceanman Palamós

Héctor Ruiz gets the sprint finish at the Oceanman Palamós followed by Pau Gil and Federico Tamborrino

The female category features Núria Ciuró as the top finisher, Jimena Pérez and Lucrezia Casu from Italy in the second and third positions respectively.

The second round of open water swim championship took place last Sunday in Palamós, gathering more than 550 swimmers from 17 different nationalities.

race report: 2# Marnaton eDreams, Barcelona

Some 1,000 swimmers come together at the II Marnaton eDreams Barcelona to inaugurate the open water season.

The competition, promoted by the Club Natació Barcelona and MARNATON eDreams, comprises an individual female challenge (2km), an individual male challenge (2km), a relay challenge (8x500m) and a KIDS challenge.
The II MARNATON eDreams Barcelona is the first of four open sea swimming challenges that form the MARNATON eDreams Cup.

Oceanman Palamos registers over 450 participants

18 different nationalities represented at the top international event on the Costa Brava

Next May 24, Palamós is getting ready to host the second competition of the Oceanman swim series. 9 days before the end of the registrations, the organizers estimate to reach the top limit of 500 participants for its second running. The highlight of this edition is the participation of such star swimmers as national Spanish open water champion Héctor Ruiz and the current subchampion of the discipline Adrían González. Rafa Cabanillas, who hit the world record at 1500 in Master’s category, will also make his appearance in Palamós. ELITE category features two outstanding Italian swimmers, Nicola Baldella and Lucrezia Casu.

30# Travessia badia de Lloret de Mar, Girona, Spain

Sunday, 19 July, 2015 - 10:00

Ja tenim aquí una nova edició, la 30a!!! ja de la nostra Travessia. El format serà igual que en l’anterior edició amb dos recorreguts:

1.200m pels més experts amb premis per als primers de la general i per 1r, 2n i 3r de 8 categories, tant en categoria masculina com femenina.

450m  popular i pels més petits amb premis per als primers de la general, al més petit i al més gran, també en categoria femenina i masculina.

Altea positions itself as an European Capital of Open Water Swimming

International open water championship Oceanman united more than 1500 people for a weekend of sport, competitive spirit and leisure

Last April 25-26 athletes from all over the world came to Altea to compete in the first swim of the Oceanman championship. Faithful to its nature, it was truly an international event with representatives from 12 different countries, building up to a solid 20% of the total number of participants.

Neda el Món Sailfish Sa Dragonera 5# Volta nedant a l'Illa de Sa Dragonera-Andratx, San Telmo, Baleares (Illes Balears), Spain

Sunday, 31 May, 2015 (All day)

Swimming around an island: a spectacular challenge! From the Mallorca coast, full of light and life, to the dark side of the Cap de Llebeig where the Mediterranean Sea reveals its strength. It’s a long, dark crossing, fringing dizzying cliffs and impressive depths. The breathing of the kayakists and the people following in the boats shows us the light. After surrounding The Cap de Tramontana the sea is shallow again and we‘ll get closer to the Port de Sa Dragonera, where we will have started this 9,500m crossing. We also organise every year a shorter version of 3.200m.