Vidösternsimmet 2014 – (Un)finished business

We had left Värnamo defeated two years prior. This had been my longest swim to date in my new stroke, but 6h30 and 13km only took me to Vidösternsimmet’s third checkpoint, 3500m short of the fourth and about 8km away from the finish line. I had been cold, tired, but happy nonetheless.

Summer of 2014, the situation was slightly different. I was still on a high from completing the Channel in September 2013, but my training had been slowing down considerably since then. I had transitioned from almost-daily sessions to barely-weekly visits to either the pool or the lake. As a result I could not tell if I still had enough endurance and/or cold tolerance. Did I mention that I lost about two stones since September, falling from the mid-80s (kilograms) to the low-70s? Let’s consider it mentioned! In brief(s), the challenge was going to be to try to just complete the 21500 meters.

We drove to Värnamo on the Friday afternoon along with Nicolas Bathfield, another froggie-swimmer living in Gbg. Oh, he also won the race last year … but for him too, training had been, hmm, erratic. He seemed however determined to make the challenge ahead even more challenging by swimming the 2 kilometers from the campsite to the starting line (didn’t happen) and by deciding to drop the wetsuit and make this swim his longest in togs (did happen).

Husarö Runt, Stockholm, Sweden

Saturday, 2 August, 2014 - 14:00

2 augusti Husarö Runt, Stockholm

6300 meter´s around the island of Husarö ,  gabrielsson.ulf@gmail.com



Karlshamns Jubileumssim 350, Sweden

Saturday, 23 August, 2014 (All day)

Karlshamns Jubileumssim 350 350/1000/3500m

SM/JSM Open Water + Masters-SM i Öppet Vatten, Borås, Sweden

Tuesday, 1 July, 2014 - 15:45


1 juli Masters SM Open Water 2500m
1 juli Sum‐Sim Open Water 2500m
1 juli SM/JSM Open Water 5000m

Masters-SM i Öppet Vatten
Masters-SM i Öppet Vatten kommer i år att avgöras under SM-veckan i Borås. Loppet över 2 500 meter simmas tisdagen den 1/7 med preliminär start 15:45.