Swiss Open Water Swimming Championships 2013, Zollikon, Switzerland

Saturday, 24 August, 2013 (All day) to Sunday, 25 August, 2013 (All day)

24/08/13 ZOLLIKON (ZURlCH) (SUl) Natlonal Champlonships - Open
Swiss Open Water Swlmmlng Champlonships
Date: 24-25 AUGUST 2013
Organisation: Fédération Suisse de Natation (SUI)

Swiss 5 km Championships pool, Bellinzona, Switzerland

Saturday, 18 May, 2013 (All day)

SW: 5 km - Schweizermeisterschaft (im 50m-Becken) / Championnat Suisse 5km (Pool, 50m)


Ort Bellinzona  Datum 18.05.2013

23# « 12 heures lacustres » à Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland

Sunday, 5 August, 2012 - 12:00 to 18:00

23. « 12 heures lacustres » à Estavayer-le-Lac

2012-08-04  und 2012-08-05
Samedi et Dimanche de 12h00 à 18h00
500 m par boucle
Lac de Neuchâtel
Samedi et Dimanche de 12h00 à 18h00
Plage communale à Estavayer-le-Lac

SSS Estavayer-le-Lac

Water Ambassador Ernst Bromeis Cuts Short the Project "The Blue Wonder – Rhine 2012".

Press release Zurich, 15 May 2012  http://www.myswitzerland.com/en-us/the-blue-wonder.html

The Swiss water ambassador Ernst Bromeis wanted to swim the Rhine from its source to its mouth. Today, he has to give up his vision after having swum approx. 400 kilometers. His health does not permit continuing.

Two weeks ago, the Swiss swimmer and water ambassador Ernst Bromeis started with a great vision and started on a 1230 kilometer journey: the project was to swim the Rhine from its source in Tomasee (GR) until its mouth near Hoek van Holland. Mr. Bromeis informed Swiss Tourism yesterday evening that he has to abandon the project. He stated that this was a very difficult decision to make. It is impossible for him to keep on, since his health does not permit it. 

2nd week of Ernst Bromeis and his descent of the Rhine

The Rhine Falls, a mystery since the beginning. How will Ernst negotiate it. Jump into the roaring water? That would be too dangerous. By rappelling? That was widely discussed in the run-up to this journey. During yesterday evening's briefing it turned out to be unfeasible due to the high water levels at the moment. That's why Ernst and Peter Gujan — who had spent the whole morning in the water — took their kayak at noon and went around the falls on foot. Was the whole campaign a failure because of that?

Many questions…
On May 1st Ernst started with the clear intention of swimming from source to confluence. In the last few days one could regularly find him in a kayak. Critical bystanders were rightly asking themselves: Is it because of the coldness? If so, why was the month of may chosen for this journey? Was the timetable too ambitious? Or did the swiss ambassador of water simply overstimate himself?

Those who know Ernst know that with good general conditions this man is capable of unbelievable achievements. He's proven as much in his last two projects of his water trilogy. Ernst agreed to swim in may to the best of his knowledge. Now the water values are below average. The stage plan was dicussed with professionals and locals in advance. Its reliability could have only been proven with a dry run from Lake Toma to the North Sea. Now Ernst advances much too fast on one day and then much too slowly on another.

Ernst Bromeis started his descent of the Rhine in a hole in the ice.

What a start: Accompanied by the first rays of the sun, the plan was to go up in the morning to Lake Toma.The lake was found covered with a thick layer of ice and snow - except for a hole of about 2.5 to 7 meters somewhere in the middle. A little later, Ernst was there to come into contact with Rhine water for the first time.

Interview marathon and bath in the tub
But first a veritable interview marathon was scheduled. How does he feel for himself on his first day, was probably the most asked question. "As usual, some doubts remain," a tired, but happy-looking Bromeis Ernst replied. "But I feel very good, finally I can start." One question was left open at the end: "Can I live in the river for a month? I do not know."

Kaltwasserschwimmen der SLRG Wädenswil, Switzerland

Sunday, 9 December, 2012 - 09:15

Kaltwasserschwimmen der SLRG Wädenswil

ca. 100 m
09.15 Uhr, Strandbad Wädenswil
Strandbad Rietliau, Wädenswil

SLRG Sektion Wädenswil