Gavin Pike an Antarctic Icemiler

Gavin Pike has successfully completed its first icemile. He traveled with five other South Africans off to Antarctica.

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Midmar Mile swimmer drowned

Durban - A post-mortem carried out on Midmar Mile swimmer Herman “Thabo” van Straten, who died competing in the race on February 8, has shown he drowned.

Police spokesman Captain Lolly Moodley said on Thursday there were no injuries to his body.

Van Straten, a 43-year-old businessman from Joburg, disappeared while swimming in the race’s business relay event two weeks ago.

Tragedy hits Midmar Mile (again)

SA swimmers take on Antarctic ice mile challenge

Next month, a team of six South African ice swimmers will take on a world-first challenge to swim an ice mile south of the Antarctic Circle (66.5622° South), wearing only a Speedo costume, one cap and goggles, raising funds for charity and boosting awareness of the WWF’s SA Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI). It has never been done there before because it is, in short, insane. To attempt the distance of one mile (1,650 m) in water temperatures that promise to be 0 degrees Celsius will be extremely dangerous and very difficult to complete.

Costs to access the Antarctic venue are also prohibitive. Other very well-known swimmers (Lynne Cox and Lewis Pugh) have completed swims in this region before, but never as far south nor with a similar distance goal of one mile. One of the team members, Ram Barkai, currently holds the Guinness Book of Records for the furthest south swim, but it was just short of a mile (1,000 metres) and therefore not registered as an official ice mile.

Midmar Mile stars up for awards

Lorna Cochran, the oldest ever finisher of the world's largest open water swimming event, South Africa's Midmar Mile, and Wayne Riddin, the long-time organiser of the event, have been nominated for the World Open Water Swimming Association's Woman and Man of the Year Awards.

Cochran, who swam the Midmar Mile in February at the age of 89, turned 90 in July. She remains fit and active and was thrilled to hear the news of her nomination, which came as a huge surprise.

Man Killed in South African Great White Shark Attack Named As Burgert van der Westhuizen

A 74-year-old local man, Burgert van der Westhuizen, has been named as the swimmer who was bitten in half by a shark, believed to be a Great White, in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

Van der Westhuizen was an experienced open-water swimmer who regularly swam along the coastline of Jeffreys Bay.

Jennifer Figge And Crew Safely Traversed The Atlantic

..........Jennifer Figge of Colorado certainly takes her swims to the extreme limit as she attempted once again to conduct a continuous stage swim across the Atlantic Ocean with a small crew and one escort boat. It was certainly an adventure as the preliminary reports of her daily swims shows below.

In summary, Figge swam a total distance of 257.5 nautical miles (477 km) over the course of 32 days (her unofficial record that is undergoing confirmation is below for reference).

The Colorado resident departed from Cape Verde off the coast of west Africa on April 8th and landed on the shores of Antigua in the Caribbean sea on May 9th escorted the entire distance by her escort boat Pearl under the leadership of Captain Tamas Hamor and First Mate Sara Hajdu......

Lake Malawi crossed to raise money for Orphans

original article with pictures to be read on: MalawiLive

Milko and Kaitlin started together around 7.30 am, 2.5 hours later than anticipated as a thunderstorm in the early morning hours prevented our boats from being launched on time. One of the engines of Milko’s boat then overheated which caused him and his crew to travel to the departure point at Cape Ngombo at a very slow speed in a driving rain.

Milko arrived in Senga Bay around 16.15, Kaitlin around 16.45 pm. The distance crossed was 24 km.

Milko van Gool finished in 8h 46m 59sec,
Kaitlin Harthoorn did 9h 17m 40sec.

The main problem was the weather. A good three hours into the swim a rainstorm turned the lake into a seething inferno for a few hours, with big waves smashing into the swimmers and the boats from all directions.
This slowed down the swimmers very considerably, and put extra strain on their bodies, not to mention the effect on morale. The swim took a good 1.5 – 2 hours longer than expected. The rough waters also made for a very uncomfortable time for the crews on the escorting boats.

OW zwemwedstrijd in Zuid Afrika

Als operationeel manager van Specialized bikes and equipment, kom ik 1 keer per jaar in Zuid Afrika voor mijn werk. In februari is het daar volop zomer, en zijn er elke week wel een of meer open water events, zo ook dit jaar.

Open water zwemmen is vrij groot in Zuid Afrika. Beroemde OW wedstrijden zijn de Midmar Mile (14.000 deelnemers!!), en natuurlijk de zeewedstrijd vanaf Robben eiland (zonder haai bescherming). Daar Zuid Afrika een enorm groot land is qua afstanden, ontmoeten de zwemtoppers elkaar maar een paar keer per jaar, en zijn de meeste wedstrijden meer een provincie aangelegenheid.

Attempt to swim across Lake Malawi by Kaitlin Harthoorn and Milko van Gool on Saturday February 9th 2013

On Saturday February 9th 2013, marathon swimmers Kaitlin Harthoorn and Milko van Gool will each attempt to swim across Lake Malawi at its narrowest point from Cape Ngombo to Senga Bay, a distance of approximately 24 kilometers.

They intend to start at dawn and hope to set foot on the beach of Hotel Livingstonia in Senga Bay in the early afternoon. Each swimmer will be escorted by a support boat and crew.