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1K swim in icewater


In 8th of January 2011, the second winter swimming festival Pirita Open was held in Pirita river, Tallinn, Estonia. About 150 winter swimmers from Estonia, Finland, Russia, Latvia and Germany gathered to swim in freezing waters of Pirita river. 25m pool with 2 lanes was cut in almost 60cm-thick ice. The weather was relatively mild with -1C air temperature and slight breeze but water temperature at 0,4C was just what one could expect.

Swimming In The Sailors' Graveyard

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The South African ice swimmers are completing their final preparations for three extraordinarily challenging extreme swims.

Their swim include the world's first attempt at an open water swim around Cape Horn.

Cape Horn is the southernmost headland of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile. They will be swimming in the hazardous Drake Passage due to strong winds, large waves, strong currents and icebergs. Known as a sailors' graveyard, this swim is so perilous and so risky that it boggles the mind.

Winter swimming exhibition, Pardubice, Czech Republic

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The 16th round of the 2010/11 Czech cup for winter swimming was held at Pardubice in the Eastern Bohemia region. Last year the same event was accompanied by 30cm of snow providing a glorious setting. This year the air temperature had got up to around 5c and the big thaw had just started after one month of frost, ice and snow. As the participants in the 750m walked over a bridge on the way to the start one onlooker was heard to remark “oh, its warm.” An amusing comment, yes it is much warmer than it has been but with the water 2c warmth would seem a long way away for a winter swimmer once immersed in the Elbe River on this dreary January Saturday.

A Refreshing New Year with Dutch Winter Diving

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Thousands of people participate in the New Year’s diving at Schevenigen Beach in The Hague, Holland.

Participants are full of excitement, just waiting to leap into the freezing sea water, to welcome and celebrate the New Year.

Cold swimming: Come on in, the water's icy

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Swimmers brave freezing temperatures on Christmas Day

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Swimmers braved braved freezing sea temperatures to take part in a traditional annual Christmas Day dip in the English Channel.

Winter Swimming, A Film By Jack Bright

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It's extreme. It's brutally cold. And exhilarating.

December Dip kicks of festive swimming season

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Fancy a tramp through the snow to swim in an unheated lido? Our trusty outdoor swimming correspondent Phil Heath stepped up to the challenge. Here’s his report …

Since 2008, the Outdoor Swimming Society (OSS) have held a swim on the first Saturday in December at Parliament Hill Lido, North London. The object of the exercise is to meet up with fellow like minded OSS swimmers, swim at least two widths of the pool, chat, eat mince pies and drink mulled wine. What could be simpler than that? Nothing except that the pool is 28 metres wide, unheated and likely to be well below 10ºc.

Swimmers In The Snow Take Plum Pudding Plunge

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Actress and writer Jessica Hynes was among swimmers who braved the freezing temperatures to plunge into icy waters for the sake of tradition.

10# World Winter Swimming World Champ., Tyumen, Russia