ice and winter swimming

Meet the ice mile: the toughest swimming test on the planet

A few years ago I travelled to Finland to compete in the Winter Swimming World Championships. It was one of their mildest winters for years but, even so, the water was still -0.7C. Adrenaline got me through the very short race – but afterwards I felt like my hands had been slammed in a car door and that my feet had been pounded by mallets. It was brutal.

Ein Speckmantel gegen die Kälte

"Irgendwann fühlt es sich nicht mehr wie eine Hand an, sondern wie ein Klumpen": Bei der Eisschwimm-WM treffen sich Experten und bibbernde Anfänger. Ein Besuch bei den Verehrern der Kälte in Burghausen.

Eisschwimmen, Lektion eins: Kopfsprünge sind verboten, weil durch die Kälte unter Wasser Schnappatmung einsetzen würde. Zweite Lektion: Nicht am Rand schwimmen, denn das Eis holt sich den See schnell zurück und wächst hauchzart nach. Dritte Lektion: Wenn sich der Urinstinkt meldet und sagt "raus hier", kann man ihm gehorchen. Oder weiterschwimmen.

1# Wiener Vollmondschwimmen 2017, Austria

Thursday, 12 January, 2017 - 20:00 to 20:30

Für alle die Interesse am Eisschwimmen haben.

Wir schwimmen in der Neuen Donau. Je nach dem wie ihr euch fühlt schwimmen wir mehr oder weniger.

Es ist kein Wettkampf!

Das Wasser kann weniger als 5 Grad haben.
Zieht warme Bekleidung an und nehmt euch noch wärmende Kleidung mit. Auch ein wärmendes Getränk hilft danach! Es gibt keine Umkleidemöglichkeiten.

Ice Cup Grundlsee, Gößl Am Grundlsee, Austria

Saturday, 4 February, 2017 (All day)
50m Sprint
200m Short
1000m IISA < 5 degree

Ice swimming being taken seriously by open water swimmers

2016-01-09 - Burghausen - Open water swimming is developing into the colder regions... Racing distances in water under 5C is becoming a proper sport. One can see that in the number of participants and the number of countries entering the competitions. The number of events is growing too. Many of the participants are competitive open water swimmers (FINA-federations-swimmers and non-FINA-swimmers alike).

Steven Munatones is writing a series of articles on the World Championships in Burghausen Germany on his website The Daily News of Open Water Swimming. More articles may follow.

Natural born chillers

Climbers have always flocked to the hills of Snowdonia and the Lake District in winter but now they are being joined by adventurers clad in nothing but their swimming costumes.

The first winter snow has settled on the fells above the town of Windermere, in the Lake District. Purple clouds loom over the peaks, promising more to come. But I’m not here to climb the mountains: I’m about to go for a swim.

My guide, Colin Hill, is one of the UK’s most experienced cold-water swimmers. “For the World Winter Swimming Championship

Why I'll be welcoming the New Year with a plunge in the sea - and you should, too

This month, along with my usual plans to eat as many varieties of cheese as possible, catch up on Sherlock and re-gift Molton Brown products, I have a shiny new event lined up: an icy sea swim on New Year’s Day.

Along with 79 other regular sea swimmers, I will kick off 2017 by leaping into Margate’s Walpole Bay Tidal Pool to celebrate its 80th birthday. And truly, as the sort of person who normally would still be at the previous night’s party at 10am rather than this sort of revoltingly plucky, ruddy-cheeked affair, nobody is more surprised than myself.

Ice swimming in Toronto: The freezing sport people are warming up to

While most people in Toronto are bundling up in parkas, trying to keep warm, others are stripping down to Speedos and jumping into Lake Ontario.

Ice swimming, also known as winter swimming, is an extreme sport gaining popularity across the GTA and around the world.

And we're not talking quick dips. It involves distance swimming in water 5 C or colder.

SILESIA 2017 WINTER SWIMMING 3# Mistrzostwa Polski w Zimowym Pływaniu, Katowice, Poland

Saturday, 21 January, 2017 - 10:00


3. ročník soutěže zimních plavců
III Mistrzostwa Polski w Zimowym Pływaniu

A) Všeobecná ustanovení