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Interview with Ross Edgley, the man who did swim arround the entire coast of Brittain.

Press release - Erica From America: Swimming from Europe to Africa

Erica from America: Swimming from Europe to Africa, tells the story of Erica, who, as a child grew up wanting to do everything, and later decided to swim the Strait of Gibraltar. Her friends thought she was crazy but Erica was determined (even if a little nervous) and decided she was going to swim from Europe to Africa no matter what. But when she got to Spain, her plans are interrupted by the winds and another group of swimmers, who befriend her and ask her to swim with them. Ultimately, she and the other swimmers were all set to swim and they reached their goal to swim from Europe to Africa but not without a lot of activity during the swim!

Captain Webb’s legacy: the perils of swimming the English Channel

Captain Webb’s legacy: the perils of swimming the English Channel (Published 16 December 2014)
BMJ 2014;349:g7372

Pilot Whales, Manta Rays, Dolphins, Sharks and Adam Walker

All in a days work...

Adam has been travelling around the world taking part in the filming of a documentary about Dolphin Intelligence. Adam returned to New Zealand in April to film with the Dusky Dolphins, the same breed of Dolphin that famously protected Adam from a Shark on his Cook Strait crossing in 2014.

2014 Cala Montgó Swim festival video

Here we have the awaited Cala Montgó Swim festival video where almost 600 athletes participated. In 2015, the 3rd edition of the Cala Montgó event will be part of the Oceanman championship series. 

We encourages you all to participate in any of the three distances of the championship---Oceanman (6-14K), Half-Oceanman (3-5k) and popular (1.5k)

Beating the XL edition Santa Fe-Coronda,Travaglio and Abouheif left a mark

from the book:  "Maratón de oro. 50 años de la Santa Fe-Coronda"

Beating the XL edition Travaglio and Abouheif left a mark   (Google translation)

The Egyptian and Italian won each on one occasion and won the affection of the Santa Fe.

If we must talk about swimmers who passed through Santa Fe and left their own stamp not forget two names: Abdellatief Abouheif and Giulio Travaglio. The first, an Egyptian who swam for the first time in The Coronda in 1964 and took the win, the second, an Italian who won the tragic issue of `66 when after an accident killed journalist Jaime Victor Tepper. Both agree to have won an edition of the "most beautiful in the world" and Santa Fe have captivated audiences in a special way.

10 km open water: fighting the elements

I was looking for a new challenge for this season. Well, I got it! A fun adventure that I enjoyed, but unfortunately I did not accomplish. Pictures speak louder than words ...

About the battle with the elements, waves, cold, storms, silent lie in the water, be doubled. "I liked it but it was just not looking hard enough."

Video report of Hector Ramirez Ballestero butterfly crossing of Lagunas de Ruidera

Nadandolibre presents its first documentary about swimming in open water swimming the butterfly stroke.

Place of recording: Ruidera. 

With the swimmer: Hector Ramirez Ballesteros. 

Come on in, the water's fine

The original article by Lynn Green is posted on Bookpage (with pictures)

free eBook: 7 Open Water Swimming Tips You Need to Know for Triathlon Success

Sep 20, 2010Fort Myers Triathlon Swim Coach and certified trainer, Angie Ferguson of Geared Up and her team of multi-sport specialists have released the company’s second free eBook, entitled “Seven Open Water Swimming Tips You Need to Know for Triathlon Success.”