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VIDEO: Open Water Swim Tactics by Steve Munatones

VIDEO: Open Water Swim Tactics
Learn what the world's best open water swimmers look for, think about and do during a world-class open water swim and it's implications for triathletes looking to improve the swim leg of their race.

The Growing Success And Legend Of Sandycove Island

The original article is posted by Steven Munatones with pictures on The Daily News of Open Water Swimming since Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ned Denison, Swim Ireland's National Open Water Committee chairman, announced the details of the Cork Ireland Distance Swim Camp from June 12th - 20th.

"Swimmers can join for all nine days – or just a few. Most of the swimming will take place around Sandycove Island in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland."

"This spectacular training location boasts 11 out of 11 successful local English Channel solo swimmers since 2005 (including one two-way swimmer). Other local local swimmers have done marathon swims in Rottnest, Gibraltar, Manhattan, Zurich, Santa Barbara and all over Ireland."

Jersey Sea Swimming Camp 2010, Jersey, Great Britain

Sunday, 23 May, 2010 (All day) to Friday, 28 May, 2010 (All day)

Sally Minty-Gravett, a nominee for the 2009 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year and an inductee in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, is putting on another great week-long open water swimming camp for interested, potential and experienced marathon swimmers in Jersey between May 23-28th, 2010.

Brendan Capell to Challenge Petar Stoychev's English Channel Record


Brendan Capell, the 2004 world 25K champion, is training hard and counting on his Aussie mate, Olympian Ky Hurst, to help him break the 6 hour 57 minute English Channel record of Petar Stoychev this summer.

FINA Approved Swimsuits

Swimming the English Channel -tips & trics

Acclimating to cold water

The original blog is posted on Shadowcliffs Orca’s Open Water Swim Club since December 27, 2009

After doing my first Alcatraz swim in a wetsuit, but noticing the many swimmers that did not, I felt a wet towel had been thrown down, a challenge to do it without a wetsuit.

For the rest of the fall and winter I just decided to hang up my wetsuit and do every swim without a wetsuit. This made adjusting to the temperature change a little easier as it might only drop a degree or two each week. It culminated with my swim on New Year’s Day in 1997 without a wetsuit at the balmy temperature of 53 degrees F.

Now some of you may not have the luxury of slowly acclimating to lower temperatures, but there are some techniques, or a process, that works well for me and may work well for you.

10k Swimmer names library for open water swimming

The original blog by Steven Munatones is posted on 10k swimmer since Sunday, December 6, 2009

Open Water Swimming Movies and Books

In this virtual, digitally-driven world, the joy of reading a book remains a treasure where you can lose yourself in the world of the written word.

Here is a short list of popular and wonderfully entertaining and informative books on open water swimming:


1. The Great Swim

Don't You Get Cold?

The original blog is posted on OG Attempts the English Channel since Sunday 11/22/09

The water temperature has begun to descend on its annual glide path to a landing somewhere in the low 50’s or high 40’s Fahrenheit. There are a couple of signs the temperature is dropping aside from the wall gauge at the Dolphin Club and the digital thermometer at the Kebbe buoy. As the water becomes more frigid, the chirping increases. Some of the swimmers have thermometers on their watches. A common refrain arises as one individual encounters another known to carry this equipment. “What did you get on your watch today?” Each winter, members from both clubs interpolate these assorted measures to establish a consensus calibration.