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Dolphin Club, San Francisco Cold bay water. No wetsuit. Care for a swim?

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Hardy, near-naked swimmers of the Dolphin Club are seen paddling in the bone-chilling waters of Aquatic Park on even the coldest days. The 134-year-old club in Fisherman’s Wharf maintains its adventurous tradition with numerous open-water races.

A Voice for the Sport: Open Water Safety

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PHOENIX, Arizona, March 3. IN the March issue of Swimming World Magazine, CEO Brent Rutemiller looks at some questions regarding Open Water Safety in this month's edition of A Voice for the Sport. The column is reprinted below:

5 MORE Open Water Swim Tips

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1. Head's Up to the Horizon

Swimming without sharks, responsible eco tourism

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It took me years to recover from seeing the movie Jaws as a young teen. Nothing could persuade me that killer sharks weren’t hovering off the shores of the Irish Sea, to the point where a brush with a piece of slimy seaweed was enough to start me screaming. So, I still can’t believe that, 30-something years later, I was going on an open water swimming holiday. ‘Swimming’ and ‘holiday’ should have been an oxymoron in my case, but time had healed the Hollywood horrors and I had since rediscovered my love of swimming, albeit within the confines of a 25-metre pool.

The Ecosystem Of Open Water Swimming

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What is open water swimming? It can be hard to describe it comprehensively.

Depending on your preferred niche, you could describe open water swimming in any number of ways and based on a wide variety of types of swims.

USMS to Present Open Water Safety Conference

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SARASOTA, Florida, January 26. SHARKS, jellyfish, currents, waves, hypothermia, hyperthermia and pollution – how are athletes protected in open water swimming events? This is the theme of the March 18 through March 20 "Protecting Athletes: Open Water Swimming Safety Conference" in San Francisco.

Leading distance swimmers in special training camp

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New Zealand’s leading endurance swimmers, led by Commonwealth Games medallist Gareth Kean, are in a special training camp in Auckland this week.

Twenty-two of the country’s best long distance and endurance swimmers and their coaches are part of the Swimming New Zealand camp under the direction of High Performance Centre coach Mark Regan.

Open Water Swimming Tips

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Training for your first open water swim can be pretty intimidating. My first OWS was part of my first triathlon! That may not have been my best idea, but swimming has always been my sport. I was a little more worried about completing the bike on my dad’s old road bike that was way too big for me. Anyway…

Turning Over In The Open Water - stroke counts

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Open Water Source has observed over the years how the fastest and the most accomplished open water swimmers have a relatively fast arm stroke turnover.