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The Intelligence Of Open Water Swimmers

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Invention of Swimming Goggles

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Swim Safety Device

The Swim Safety Device was first used at the 41st annual Ft. Lauderdale Roughwater Swim.

The Swim Safety Device is manufactured by: Shenzhen Quantum Trade Co., Ltd.

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Swimmers Episode 3: Open Water

source: created by: Mike Gustafson

Conference dedicated on nutrition, research, training and sports psychology in Italy

Bologna (Italy) 29 Januari 2011

Conference dedicated to coaches of swimming and all athletes, master, amateur and professional athletes on nutrition, research, training and sports psychology.


Best Practices Of Open Water Swimming

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OWS Newsletter - Issue #5 (December)

Open Water Source newsletter

This Week's Highlights

  • Global Growth
    Open Water Source welcomes our open water swimming community from 82 countries on 6 continents after launching less than 2 months ago.  Open Water Source is now expanding in dozens of languages so our content is more accessible to non-English speakers:
    Español | Français | Italiano | Português | Deutsch | Japanese ??, and many more!
  • Trent and Codie Grimsey, World-class Australian Brothers
    Trent and Codie Grimsey have an excellent opportunity to become the first siblings to qualify for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.  They train together and share the same goals with brotherly bonds that run deep.


Preparing for Icy Swims On New Year's Day


Lewis Pugh, well-known for his pioneering ice swims in the North Pole (-1.7°C) and Mount Everest, drafted 20 tips for cold-water swimming based on his experience of getting in with the right mindset.

With a tradition of ice-swimming around New Year's around the world, his tips make sense.

1. Keep your head warm. Wear a good thick silicone cap. It makes a world of difference.

2. In Finland, they wear gloves for swimming in icy water. That helps a lot as the tips of your fingers feel the cold the most.

3. Grease won’t make a jot of difference.

Winter Swimming, A Film By Jack Bright

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It's extreme. It's brutally cold. And exhilarating.